Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shiny Mama's Latest: ‘Precious Gems Collection’

$25 Retail

A MULTIPURPOSE DOUBLE-ENDED SHIMMER GLITTER PENCIL...for that subtle glimmer in your eye.

Two beautiful shades of Silver-Frost and Gold-Sunray

Sparkle revolution is not dead, it just became a staple.

There is nothing more glamorous than adding some shimmer /glitter pop to your existing palette - when you wan t to pump up the volume or make a statement.

GLEAM ALL multipurpose pencil is very versatile and you can go from Downtown RocknRoll, to pure Couture Elegance of Paris runways.

Looks good on tanned Summer faces, from the sparkling beaches of Ibiza, Malibu and The Hampton’s to - Winter Holiday parties worldwide. You will look at the world with stars in your eyes.

Use GLEAM ALL pencil & other Shiny Mama shimmery and glittery products whenever you want to make your look edgier, more alluring and radiant, to shine like the star you are!
Any occasion will do.

Yes you can wear glitter and shimmer, and still achieve a very elegant look with the ‘Gleam All’ pencil. It delivers just the right amount of glitz without making you look like a disco ball or a lovely drag queen.

Info and Suggested use:

-Use on eyes, lips …whenever &wherever you need that extra punch of dazzle

-Use with your existing make up collection or alone

-New formula from France with a magnificently smooth application, which glides on like butter

-Comes with a pencil sharpener

Nature in Couture ™
Simply Glamorous….Naturally