Friday, October 03, 2008

Eye Of The Tighter
Abi Ferrin’s New Line of Ruched-Back Leggings

Texas Designer Abi Ferrin says, “Keep it tighter in the front and ruched in the back,” when it comes to her new line of leggings for the winter season. The painted-on pants look is what’s in for the chillier months and Abi Ferrin puts a flirty twist on the classic leggings with her new Casey Ruched Pants.

“Legs are an amazing part of the female form,” Abi Ferrin explains, “I wanted to add a feminine funky touch to the traditional legging everyone else makes.” Abi keeps it simple in the front and takes it to the extreme in the back with top to bottom ruching. From the front, the Casey Ruched Pants look like your basic leggings, but turn around and the whole look changes.

Abi Ferrin's new leggings manage to make a woman look thinner and taller. Ferrin creates the leggings with a built-in control top and a cuff detail that gives the illusion of an extra two inches of length to the legs when worn pulled over heels.

The Casey Ruched Pants are available in black, chocolate, and grey. Have your pick of matte or shiny—either Italian cotton jersey or stretch poly lyrex for $185.00. The pants are available at Stanley Korshak and Rich Hippie in Dallas, TX or purchase online at

Now ruche out and go get a pair.

Abi Ferrin was named “Top Texas Designer” by Stanley Korshak and the Dallas Fashion Incubator in 2007. Abi showed in NY during Fashion Week.