Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Besame Cosmetics Launches Voluptuous Lip Colour Set

Three Piece Set Includes Lipstick, Lip Pencil and Custom-Designed Brush

Designer Gabriela Hernandez of Bésame Cosmetics introduces the Art Deco- inspired Voluptuous Lip Colour Set.

Developed over a two-year period by Hernandez, the result is a long lasting, botanically infused, moisturizing lipstick.

The three-piece set includes lipstick in three romantic shades, lip pencil and an ergonomically designed lip brush.

For Hernandez, the new Voluptuous lipstick is a labor of love: "I personally design the colors, texture, as well as researched and experimented with the ingredients to create the most luxurious lipstick products available to women today. Voluptuous lipsticks are designed to make every woman feel like a movie star-pampered, glamorous and special," states Hernandez.

Voluptuous Lip Colour lipstick contains a mineral stain for long-lasting coverage.

At the heart of the lipstick's formula says Hernandez, is a blend of rose waxes and flower essences that provide a unique silky softness to the lips. Her proprietary blend of ingredients promotes cell renewal and natural fullness.

Hernandez says she's created a formula combining an elixir of therapeutic emollients, with anti-oxidants such as green tea to repair dry skin, anti-aging ingredients such as horse tail extract to promote cell renewal, soothing aloe, natural oils and rich moisturizers . The products are free of petroleum jelly and parabens; the ingredients are all natural.

Voluptuous Lipsticks are available in three flattering shades:
· Red Velvet - a sophisticated and vibrant warm red with a satin finish.
· Rapture Rose - a soft and luminous universal pink with a glossy finish.
· Champagne - a sensuous neutral, warmbeige with a soft shiny finish.

Hernandez experimented with the ideal ratio of oils to wax in her lip pencil to create the blend of waxes. The texture of the automatic pencil is soft, but, she says, color will last. Hernandez's background as an artist helped her create colors for the lip pencils, which are two shades darker than the lipstick color it's paired with, in order to create the illusion of greater roundness and fullness to the lips.

The set also includes an oval-shaped, ergonomic brush that fits between the thumb and forefinger allowing for greater control and more professional application. The brush's full size Taklon tip applies an even layer of color.

The lipstick comes in an eye-catching shiny black metal, enameled case that features a raised matte gold Art Deco design. The curved shape of the lipstick's tip is inspired by the soft curves of the 1930's Deco movement.

The Voluptuous Lip Colour Set (suggested retail price $35.00) and will be available online at www.besamecosmetics.com and through selected retailers in May 2009.

For more information about Bésame Cosmetics, Voluptuous Lip Colour Set, or Gabriela Hernandez, 818-548-2628