Monday, March 01, 2010

The Future of Cosmetic Surgery?

by Lindsey K. Wagner
BeansTalk Contributing Writer

Want to look younger without an actual nip and tuck? Men and women looking to turn back the clock can now undergo a new cosmetic procedure without knives and scarring: The Stem Cell Lift™. BeansTalk recently observed the treatment. Please see the "before" and "after" photos above.

Created by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Nathan Newman, this procedure increases the number of stem cells extracted from a patient’s unwanted fat, which is then injected into the face and body, and sculpted to create a natural, younger look.

Lasting between three to four hours, Newman initially performs liposuction by hand to remove the fat, usually from a patient’s stomach. Stem cells are immediately separated from the fat. The concentrated stem cells are re-introduced to the fat and injected into the aged, damaged or deflated areas of the face or hands.

Newman explains that stem cells are smart. Once injected into a new area, they genetically know to reincorporate themselves into the new site. The stem cells are essential to keeping fat healthy and allowing it to regenerate and repair the tissues.

Reducing the risks of traditional plastic surgery methods, The Stem Cell Lift™ does not involve general anesthesia or knives, which Newman says eliminates possible nerve damage or scarring. By utilizing the patient’s own fat, there is no possibility of rejection or allergic reaction.

The entire face can be done during one procedure. Vaginal rejuvenation, body sculpting and lifts can also be performed though The Stem Cell Lift™.

Unlike traditional facelifts where the skin is being stretched to obtain a younger appearance, according to Dr. Newman, his procedure does the opposite by naturally adding volume and lift to depleted areas.

Within a few days, patients are back to their normal daily routine. Swelling and bruising usually fade within four to five days.

The Stem Cell Lift™ starts at $5,500 and can cost up to $9,500 depending on the extent of the sculpting.

For information, or 310-273-3344.

Newman's offices: 9301 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 303, Beverly Hills, CA.