Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Bourbon Body Scrub

Real Kentucky whiskey, brown sugar, vitamin E and rice bran oil: it may sound like an ingestible concoction, but it's actually Farmhouse Fresh Bourbon Bubbler Body Scrub which exfoliates skin with those ingredients.

"It's of real benefit for women who want a spray tan because its clean finish prevents self tanners from easily rubbing off," says Shannon McLinden, CEO of FarmHouse Fresh®. The exfoliant features what the rep describes as a "sweet molten gingersnap-pecan fragrance mixed with Kentucky whiskey."

The Bourbon Bubbler scrub comes in one size (available in a 12 ounce glass jar; retail price $32.50). The brown sugar helps remove dead skin and stimulates new cell growth, while the non-greasy bourbon and rice bran oil allow for a squeaky-clean dry-down with no greasy residue. The scrub is paraben and sulfate free.

Bourbon Bubbler treatments are available at spas including the Rio or Mirage in Las Vegas.

For spray tanning, Bourbon Bubbler can be applied prior to treatment."It extends your spray tan investment," states McLinden.

Information, FarmHouse Fresh® at 888-773-9626 or www.farmhousefreshgoods.com. Products are available online, in gift stores and at luxury spas and resorts.