Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hunter Goes "Grace"-Fully

by Amanda Bellafiore
BeansTalk Contributor

“There’s a beauty to having a finite thing to “[Saving] Grace” and I actually always felt that from the beginning,” says Holly Hunter, star of the TNT series, during a recent press conference.

After three successful seasons, the crime-drama Saving Grace, starring Holly Hunter will solve its last case with a nine-episode final season beginning March 29, 2010.

Apparently, TNT requested a full-order fourth season of “Saving Grace,” but the show’s producers, Fox TV Studios, declined the offer citing financial concerns.

Oscar- and Golden Globe-winner Hunter stars as detective Grace Hanadarko, who’s offered redemption from the unlikely Earl, an angel (character-actor Leon Rippy). Saving Grace is known for its serialized storylines and although it has come to an abrupt end loose ends will be tied and fans will receive closure.

Hunter describes this ending as poetry, “I wanted it to be a freight train that was running towards a destination that was coming quickly. We were hurdling towards destiny through this woman Grace, and there was a sense of urgency, a sense that it was like a runaway and we were on it.”

“I’m looking for rest, and to relax away from the workplace,” says Hunter, who adds that she has no immediate projects pending. “That’s definitely what’s next for me, just to kind of ease out and take a real break from performing.”