Friday, July 28, 2006

Anderson, Kid Rock X4

(From EOnline)
By Gina SerpeThu Jul 27, 7:28 PM ET

Forget Baywatch, Pamela Anderson fans better get ready for wedding watch.
The erstwhile pinup has announced plans to tie the knot with on-again fiance Kid Rock no fewer than four times, logging vow swaps in France, California, Michigan and

"I'm going to get married a few times this month to the same guy," Anderson said Wednesday at a press conference for her gaming site, "We had to do Malibu, we've got to do Detroit, and we've got to do Nashville."

The 39-year-old will kick off the wedding bonanza with Rock, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, this weekend on a yacht in the French Riviera.

"If Bob knew he was getting married five years ago in Saint-Tropez, he wouldn't have believed it," Anderson said, mentioning her fiance by name for the first time since announcing their engagement last week.

[BeansTalk's Favorite Quote of the Month]: The Canadian-born mother of two said she was dealing with the stress of the big day--well, days--the best way she knows how.
"I have two words for you: champagne."

Anderson told People that she would be jetting off to France Thursday to prepare for her weekend wedding.

"It'll be on a boat, on a beach and then we're going to a club," she told the magazine of her big day itinerary. "Then [we're] going to have a West Coast party."
While she seems to have the bigger picture all set up, Anderson appears to be a little hazy on some of the smaller details. Like the wedding dress.

"I haven't even thought about my dress yet," she told People, adding that the most progress she's made clothes-wise is having already chosen her veil. "I'm very excited. I'm starting to get dressed now."

The lack of fashion priorities, while likely shocking to bridezillas everywhere, isn't too surprising coming from Anderson. At the PETA activist's first wedding to Motley Crue rocker Tommy Lee, she wore little more than a swimsuit as the duo tied the knot on a California beach.

As for the wedding whirlwind, Anderson told the magazine she's unconcerned about the seemingly hectic pace of events, particularly the globetrotting.

"I do it all the time," she said. "I fly for real quick trips. We're going to France. We're going to have a reception and ceremony on the West Coast. Nashville. We have a lot going on. I'm just really excited.

"I'm more concerned about my kids and what they're doing over this week than what I'm doing. I want my kids to be a part of it. I want them to be there."

Anderson has two sons, 10-year-old Brandon and eight-year-old Dylan, from her three-year marriage to Lee. As for the Detroit-hailing Rock, he has a 16-year-old son, Robert James Ritchie Jr., from a previous relationship with autoworker Kelly South Russell.
Anderson and Rock, 35, rekindled their relationship this year. The duo, who began dating in 2001, got engaged in 2002 but split a year later before exchanging vows, let alone setting a date.

During the split, Anderson picked back up with Lee and, briefly, Stephen Dorff. She and Rock popped back onto gossip radar earlier this year, when photos of the duo on vacation--in Saint-Tropez of all places--began appearing online.

Anderson announced the duo's engagement just last week via a post to her Website, saying, "Yes, I'm finally getting remarried. It's been a whirlwind--spontaneous but well thought through."

"I'm in love. I'm happy. I see the light."