Monday, July 31, 2006

The Timeless Secret Is Revealed

Anti-Aging Skin Care is Now Revolutionized with the Breakthrough Antioxidant that has been a Chinese Ritual for Centuries – Found in a Teacup

Discovered in China, the legendary Fountain of Youth has been known to restore youth of anyone who drinks its waters. Two thousand years later, the secret is out. This time, the Fountain of Youth can be simply found in a teacup. Basic Essentials, Inc. introduces Timeless Secret, the luxury anti-aging skincare line containing the breakthrough technology antioxidant, Pu-erh 300+complex™, an ingredient more than 2,000 years old. Now that the secret is out, women all across the world can benefit from Pu-erh tea, a most sacred and time honored tea that counters the signs of aging.

The carried past stories of the breakthrough Pu-erh tea are filled with everything from its use as a cure, to currency. Centuries before science could quantify its benefits, Chinese emperors recognized the secret to youth and abundant health in Pu-erh tea. Guarded by the Tang Dynasty, the tea was offered by Kublai Khan to conquered natives, and traded as currency past the Great Wall. For generations, this sacred leaf was traded from grandmother to mother to daughter—right to the founders of Timeless Secret, May and Michelle Wong. Like fine wine, Pu-erh tea increases in potency and flavor over time to detoxify, protect and radically restore healthy skin. In it they saw its greatest value — an unparalleled source of ageless beauty, and created the Pu-erh 300+complex™, which is used exclusively in their Timeless Secret products.

The knowledge of Pu-erh tea was passed down from generations to the founders, mother May and daughter Michelle Wong. Chinese by heritage, raised in Hong Kong, and now residing in Los Angeles, they saw the benefits of this sacred leaf firsthand, then researched its profound benefits. Working with Swiss chemists for four years, they developed these highly efficacious, unusually luxurious products, first sharing the collection with those closest to them. The response was indisputably outstanding. And now, they offer women everywhere options that are streamlined in approach, yet undeniable in results. “I am thrilled to be sharing this breakthrough secret with women everywhere! Pu-erh tea has been a family ritual for generations, promising flawless skin, and it has never failed,” says May Wong, co-founder of Timeless Secret. “With so many naturally occurring and skin-transforming compounds, Timeless Secret will revolutionize the skincare industry.”

“I always knew there was a secret behind flawless skin,” says Michelle Wong, co-founder of Timeless Secret. “Being able to reveal this breakthrough secret that is simply found in a teacup is what makes Timeless Secret so unique. Now the Pu-erh tea can power the skin as much as it does the body.”

Naturally rich in potent antioxidants, Pu-erh tea extract blocks the destruction of environmental pollutants while detoxifying skin of the beauty-ravaging effects of modern lifestyle. Three hundred natural proteins and minerals, including vitamins B5, C and E, occur naturally in Pu-erh tea. This advanced tea is now found in a unique and exclusive compound for skin, called Pu-erh 300+complex™. Studies prove that the ingestion of the Pu-erh tea helps to reduce weight and cholesterol. Inside and out, it reverses the signs of aging and restores the function and beauty of younger skin.

The Timeless Secret line includes: UNVEIL Cleansing Foam with Pu-erh 300+complex™, a unique foaming and detoxifying all-in-one cleanser/toner that palpably reenergizes the skin, preparing it for treatment.
WHISPER Multi-Active Moisturizer and WHISPER Multi-Active Emulsion target specific skin types for intelligent hydration and include active anti-aging ingredients. WINK Eye Booster treats every sign of aging around the eyes, from dark circles to crow’s feet. Finally, SAVE FACE Sun Shield SPF 30 offers hydrating broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection with the antioxidant power of
Pu-erh 300+complex™. Prices range from $55 to $135.

Based in Beverly Hills, Timeless Secret is distributed at STUDIO at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, Beauty Collection Apothecary at the LA Farmers Market, Planet Blue,, and More information on Basic Essentials, Inc., and Timeless Secret Skin Care products can be found at

Timeless Secret Ingredient Fact Sheet

In Timeless Secret, West meets East. The ancient anti-aging secret of China is matched with an emerging anti-aging breakthrough for profoundly simple, yet remarkably effective skin care. Discovered in China and developed in Switzerland—it’s the global breakthrough in anti-aging using the power of its Pu-erh 300+complex.

PU-ERH TEA (Pu-erh 300+complex™)

The power of Pu-erh is born of legendary benefits and undeniable science. In ancient China, this medicinal was valued immensely, and was guarded by the Tang Dynasty and traded as currency.

As the spirit of the tea unleashes energy in the body and spirit, the skin benefits. A most sacred and time honored tea, Pu-erh reverses the signs of aging in its very essence. This leaf grows in power and flavor over time, like a fine wine.

Contains 300 natural proteins and minerals, including vitamins B5, C and E

Detoxifies skin from the ravages of environmental assaults

Protects skin with powerful antioxidants, helping to reverse damage created by free radicals

Reduces naturally occurring skin inflammatory processes

Lowers cholesterol and helps maintain weight upon consumption

Advanced Cosmeceuticals

Patented intelligent ceramides specifically treat and target only dry areas for intensive hydrating benefits, without over moisturizing normal skin.

Highly purified Madecassoside derived from the herb Centella Asiatica ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties. Immediately and dramatically firms the skin with a 60% improvement, just 15-minutes upon application.

Clinically proven skin brighteners: Alpha-Arbutin, which inhibits melanin production to brighten the skin, tri-active complex of blackberry, grape seed and saxifrage extracts to even imperfections in skin tone while visibly reducing dark undereye circles.

Ameliox™ liposomal delivery decreases frown lines by 24%, and crow’s feet by 27%. Ameliox™ is a powerful combination of carnosine, a naturally occurring dipeptide, and Milk Thistle extract, helping to stop the stiffening of collagen fibers, a major reason for formation of lines and wrinkles. It improves the overall texture and smoothness of the skin.

Patented collagen peptides support skin at the structural level, promoting ideal cell adhesion and improvement in collagen synthesis, resulting in firmer, fresher looking skin.

Timeless Secret Product Fact Sheet

Timeless Secret Unveil

Cleansing Foam with Pu-erh 300+complex™
180 ml/6.1 fl oz
Suggested retail price $55

Experience clean like never before, quite literally. A uniquely palpable tingling effect awakens skin to younger-looking possibilities while you cleanse, morning and night.
Gently exfoliates, detoxifies, cleanses and tones in a single step
Detoxifying effect prepares skin for maximum treatment benefits, allowing ideal penetration
Removes all traces of makeup along with environmental pollutants
Exclusive Pu-erh 300+complex including vitamins B5, C, and E, provides profound antioxidant and brightening effects long after you cleanse
Massage onto skin for several seconds to activate the benefits
Can be used on wet or dry skin
Fragrance free
Allergy tested

Multi-Active Moisturizer for Normal to Combination Skin
with Pu-erh 300+complex™
50 ml/1.7 fl oz
Suggested retail price $135

Clinically proven to improve elasticity and firmness, while reducing the signs of fine lines and wrinkles.
Dramatically reduces frown lines—up to 24% with Ameliox™
Specifically treats and targets only dry areas for intensive hydrating benefits without over moisturizing normal skin using patented intelligent ceramides
Contains patented Madecassoside derived from a natural herbal ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties. Immediately, it dramatically firms the skin—60% improvement just 15-minutes after application
Lifts imperfections to even out and perfect skin tone
Promotes ideal cellular adhesion, using collagen peptides to reinforce at the structural level
Provides profound antioxidant and brightening effects, using the exclusive Pu-erh 300+complex that includes vitamins B5, C & E
Fragrance free
Allergy tested

Multi-Active Emulsion for Normal to Dry Skin
with Pu-erh 300+complex™
50 ml/1.7 fl oz
Suggested retail price $135

Clinically proven to improve elasticity and firmness, reduce signs of fine lines and wrinkles, while delivering an optimum amount of moisture.
Dramatically reduces frown lines—up to 24% using Ameliox™
Instantly provides the most amount of moisture for dehydrated skin types
Delivers intense hydration where required without over-treating, using the power of targeting ceramides
Immediate firming effects from patented Madecassoside
Lifts imperfections to even out and perfect skin tone
Collagen peptides reinforce at the structural level, promoting ideal cellular adhesion
Provides profound antioxidant and brightening effects, using exclusive Pu-erh 300+complex that includes vitamins B5, C, & E
Fragrance free
Allergy tested

SUN SHIELD SPF 30 with Pu-erh 300+complex™
50ml/1.7 fl oz
Suggested retail price $65

A moisturizing formula that counteracts the environment’s drying effects while offering broad-spectrum sun protection against UVA & UVB damage.
Water resistant formula powered by 7.1% micronized titanium dioxide
Patented sunflower seed oil and shea butter complex deeply moisturize skin
Pu-erh 300+complex from tea origins protects and detoxifies skin from environmental aggressors including sun-induced free radical damage and inflammation
Freshly scented with tangerine essential oils
Fragrance free
Allergy tested

EYE BOOSTER with Pu-erh 300+complex™
15 ml/0.5 fl. oz
Suggested retail price $125

Counteracts every sign of aging in the delicate eye area. Cumulative benefits suggest the more the product is used, the more profound the benefits.
Firms, lifts and tightens the delicate and most-likely-to-age skin around the eyes
Lightens dark under eye circles with patented brighteners that contain a botanical complex
Boosts circulation to reduce puffiness
Reduces crow’s feet by 27% with Ameliox™ offering a painless but effective alternative to Botox™ rejuvenation by relaxation of skin collagen
Provides profound antioxidant, and brightening effects, using exclusive Pu-erh 300+complex that includes vitamins B5, C & E
Fragrance free
Allergy tested