Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bum Blaster? Bring it On!

When we were overseas this summer, we noticed a couple of our cousins (significantly our cousin Rhea Faelnar) wearing these flip flops that I thought rather ugly (I kept that to myself). They looked like pool side flops. 

Imagine my surprise when, now returned to the U.S., we found a pair of these FitFlops, in the right size, at a local discount department store. We tried them on and they were pretty cushy and comfortable. Not the prettiest slippers on the planet, but they were o.k. 

They seemed "expensive" for a pair of plastic flip flops, so we grabbed the crackleberry, got on the internets and looked them up. Not only are they normally more than twice as expensive than the price tag of the ones in our paws, but here's what caught our eye: "Fit" Flops -- "Try These on for Thighs!" and "workout in your walk."

The flops offer a “bum-blasting workout” disguised as a 30-minute walk and allegedly, a stroll in these shoes will trim and tone thighs, calves and glutes, thanks to its MicroWobbleboard (their patent-pending word, seriously) technology. 

Later, when we read aloud the attached paperwork, describing the invention's origins at London's South Bank University and their "biomechanics," -- all to the soundtrack of the CFO's eye-rolling and audible scoffing -- we wondered if there was even a modicum of truth to any of it.

Here are some tidbits from the internets: They're not plastic: The FitFlop sandals footbed in made of multi-density EVA, which is a type of odour-free (and non-absorbent) foam that is used in many type of footwear. The outsole is currently made of rubber. The footbed does not contain any leather or other animal products.

We found the above style and color at a local Ross (for $21.99) and the site describes it as: An update on the original (which Oprah put on her list of Favourite Things for Summer!) FitFlop’s newest Walkstar I sandals have a microfiber lining on the vamp and a soft-between-the-toes kid-leather toe post. Built with the patent-pending microwobbleboard™ midsole technology- which is proven to load your bottom and leg muscles more when you wear them- FitFlop sandals help you get a workout while you walk.

Wow. One of Oprah's favorite things and we never heard of them? Oh, yeah. It may have something to do with the fact that we don't watch Oprah. The site mentions how K-Mart and several other companies are selling knock-offs and warn consumers to "beware."

At any rate, we'll try these "official/original pair" out and report back to you later on how successful the FitFlops were for us. After reading up less biased reviews, the sandals will do nothing, if "strengthen" our feet. So at least we have that to look forward to.

FitFlops, $49.99, Available at Bath and Body Works, Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret. And, apparently, at Ross, if you can find your size (we wear a 36 and found three pair of 36s -- two blue and one brown, as well as one 40 in black, but this was just at one, rather small, Ross-Dress-For-Less -- you may have better luck at a Ross near you.)