Friday, August 21, 2009

Jump on This: My Trampoline

Peter Himmelman, the Grammy-nominated, internationally acclaimed artist whom Rolling Stone has lauded for his “sharp-dressed, stiletto-wit pop records,” will release a brand new family music release My Trampoline in September. Himmelman’s new CD is the first from a brand new label, Minivan Productions, distributed by Allegro Media Group (

With songs about a trampoline, an African leopard tortoise named King Ferdinand, a picky eater named Peter, and the scarcity of kids named Steve, Himmelman mixes his offbeat sense of humor with lush pop stylings and irresistible beats to delight everyone in the minivan.

Himmelman, a Los Angeles-based father of four, writes kid-friendly lyrics that can be hilarious and reflective at the same time. Any kid who has ever pondered the immensity of the universe will love the meditation of “Ten Billion Blades of Grass.” “The idea for the song struck me when staring at our lawn one morning. Each of the blades of grass seemed like a sentient being, with perceptions, however subtle, about the world around them. The thought occurred to me that they get along so well because they're one big family.” “Statistical Factoids” will delight young brainiacs, “Main Dish” gives the nod to both Julia Child and Charlie Pride and “Workin’, Playin’ and Dreamin’” offers up a bluesy romp with stories about kids who are making their dreams come true, with a little help from mom and dad. The high-energy collection of tunes concludes with a sweet “Lullabye (with Baseball and Trains).”

According to Himmelman, the songs on My Trampoline were inspired by real life. “We've had a trampoline in our backyard for the last ten years and our kids have had at least as much fun with it as any $30,000 swimming pool,” he explains. “I figure anything that simple and that much fun must have a lot of special significance. There’s something very metaphoric in a trampoline as well; you’re always striving to gain altitude ... and even though you may never quite get aloft, there's magic in the trying.”

Minivan Productions is the new family music label, based in Venice, CA.

Headed by Dan Perloff (who BeansTalk has known since childhood), Minivan aims to become a brand synonymous with quality artists who are doing some of the most engaging children’s music today. This music will be smart, energetic and parent friendly, with artists of the caliber of premier artist Peter Himmelman.

Later this fall, Minivan also plans to reissue CDs from Peter Himmelman’s catalog: My Fabulous Plum, My Best Friend Is a Salamander and My Lemonade Stand, which have been out of print for a while. Like the cover art for My Trampoline, all of the Peter Himmelman CDs will feature cover art by world renowned illustrator, Pete Oswald, who also created the cover for his Grammy nominated CD My Green Kite (Rounder). Next up, Minivan plans a compilation series of kid-friendly songs by well-known artists who don’t usually record children’s music.

Peter Himmelman is an acclaimed creator of children's music, an Emmy-nominated TV composer and a critically lauded rock troubadour. He hosts a live weekly web broadcast called, “Furious World” and will also be featured soon on “Curious World,” a web broadcast for children produced in conjunction with Hoosick Falls productions and retailer Land of Nod Sample tunes and music videos are available at