Monday, August 24, 2009

PR Release About Cooersmith's new book, available now:

Tristan Coopersmith and Todd Johnson’s MENu DATING teaches readers to treat dating as a veritable tapas bar of flavorful experiences and lessons. Rotating a roster of men from the MENu of bachelors without the goal of settling down takes the pressure off each individual date, and allows the dater to learn and discern her wants from her needs… not to mention, have some seriously delicious fun along the way!

The book is broken into easy-to-follow phases and loaded with helpful tips on how to multi-date and choose “mandidates” from the MENu of bachelors, including:

Phase 1
Cleansing your Palette…Jumping aboard the MENu dating program
Tristan primes readers to open their minds (but not their hearts or wallets
yet, anyway!) to new experiences on the adventure that is MENu dating.

Phase 2
Chow Time…Mandidate collection and the Art of Taste-Testing
What should you bring to the table? Tristan offers practical advice for MENu daters in the form of 10 self-affirming commandments that deal with expectation management, confidence, a willingness to always “take applications,” and mandidate “types” to look out for (for a partial listing, see the enclosed MENu)

Phase 3
Sexcapading…What’s Love Got to Do with It?
Men, at least the ones you’d want to be with, know that your physical needs are just as important as your emotional needs and deserve the same respect and investment to fully mature. In this section, Tristan and Todd discuss heated topics like:
-How to have a one-night stand—the right way!
-Risk v. reward
-The one-night stand commandments
-The Guy’s One-night-stand playbook (the best defense is a good offense!)

Phase 4
It’s Raining Men
This section is all about weathering the storms of dating, be it attachment anxiety, how to schedule multiple dates in a day, or how to leave behind those men not worthy of your time!

Phase 5
Manalysis…Mandidate Analysis and Choosing Your Main course
Tristan will show you how to develop your personal needs list, understand the “universal needs list” (items like respect and trust rank highly here), and how to evaluate yourself to determine if you are ready for commitment!

Throughout, Todd’s “Boy’s Eye View” sections offer a counterpoint to Tristan’s female perspective.

Authors Tristan Coopersmith and Todd Johnson have been best friends since they were eight. As roommates in their 20s, they became each other's dating coaches, helping each other interpret the behavior of the opposite sex. Tristan is a consumer-insights strategist and trend forecaster for CAA in Los Angeles. She met her happily-ever-after guy after literally thousands of mandidates. Todd works in finance in New York, married the woman of his dreams and is the proud father of a baby boy. He continues to be Tristan's "boy's eye view" for all things man-related.

MENu Dating By Tristan Coopersmith and Todd Johnson St. Martin’s Griffin A Trade Paperback Original ISBN: 0-312-35417-7 $14.99