Friday, August 14, 2009

Lug This

For all of their “As Seen on TV”-ness (“Purse to Go,” “PurseHop,” “Pouchee”), we’ve never been interested in the purse organizer inserts. For starters, we have our own system. We use a combination of cosmetic bags and wallets – all of which must coordinate or actually match each other.

At any rate, while on our recent month-long trip overseas, we discovered Lugmax (, a 100% Filipino-owned company that makes purse organizers, and various related items (baby bottle organizer, make-up organizer, closet hanging purse organizer etc.)

We got both the regular canvas fabric small and large organizer (in black – we figured it would show less wear) and liked them so much, we picked up some for souvenirs for friends. The small cost us 129 pesos ($2.68), and the large, 199 pesos ($4.15).

We’d love to see the leather version – it wasn’t available at the shop (SM Department store in Cebu City) we purchased them from.

The organizers are great. They have little handles that make it super easy to switch out purses in seconds (and any BeansTalk reader knows we are always changing our pocketbooks to coordinate with our outfits). The sections of the organizers are intuitive and our various (matching/coordinating) accessories all fit nicely and are easily accessed.

We’ve trolled the internet some and it appears that these are primarily available in Asia (we’ve seen them for sale not only in the Philippines, but Singapore and Hong Kong), but if you’re lucky enough to find them where you live, snap ‘em up. They’re well made, too.