Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cadillac Fragrance Launch

The North American Launch of Cadillac: The New Fragrance for Men was recently held at a Southern California Cadillac dealership.

Los Angeles Laker Jordan Farmer, James Wilder, Kevin Farley, Tressa Thomas, Adrienne Janic, Loretta Divine, George Stults, Benny Cassette (Fast & The Furious) Clifford Banagale (‘Bruno’) Jonathan Goldsmith (Dos Equis’ ‘Most Interesting Man In the World Ad Campaign), Tressa Thomas, Michael Papajohn, Judy Tenuta and Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jan Perry, were among those who celebrated the launch of Cadillac’s new fragrance.

“This new Cadillac fragrance is really fantastic!” said Lorenzo Lamas. “I love the way it smells on you, Dad, but I think women would love wearing the fragrance as well, I know I do!” added Shayne Lamas.

Claudia Jordan, the co-host of the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant added, “This new Cadillac fragrance smells so delicious, I wish I currently had a man to spray it on!”

Having recently emerged from bankruptcy protection, General Motors is rebranding the company’s luxury brand. A part of this rebranding initiative includes entering into a licensing agreement with Dubai-based Beauty Contact, Inc. ( to design, develop, produce and market the Cadillac fragrance globally.

“This new fragrance is just a part of the recent Cadillac renaissance – hot new products and redesigns that capture the mantra of life, liberty and the pursuit,” said Alwyn Stephen of Beauty Contact, Inc. “Our fragrance is a relevant extension of the Cadillac lifestyle.”

Reps describe the scent as having "Top notes of Grapefruit and Chamomile give off a bright fresh scent, complimented by an elegant mix of Geranium, Tarragon and cinnamon in the heart with breathtaking bottom notes of Ebony, Sweet Spice, Vetiver, and Incense."

When asked how he liked the scent, Brandon Beemer from ‘Bold & the Beautiful’ gave a big grin and said, “My girlfriend, Nadia Bjorland (‘Days of Our Lives’) loves the way it smells on me! It’s all good!”

Event sponsors included LA’s The Place Magazine, Hint Water & Blue Angel Vodka.

Image: LA Laker Jordan Farmer and Beauty Contact, Inc., CEO Alwyn Stephen