Thursday, October 21, 2010

Coo-Coo for Coconut...Cream Pie

We Make Amends
Coconut Cream Pie

Several days ago, we did a "Random Bests" on baked goods and cited Coconut Cream Pie as our favorite dessert and gave the props to Coco's. This weekend we took out-of-town visitors to our favorite Downtown Los Angeles' stop, Philippe's. And had their Coconut Cream Pie for dessert ($2.90) and the sky opened up, the angels sang and peace ruled -- at least for the five minutes it took to share a slice. Last night we had Coco's CCP again and the difference -- and deficit was sadly apparent.

We hearby amend our choice and deem Philippe's the BEST Coconut Cream Pie.

1001 North Alameda Street 
Los Angeles, CA 90012 213 628 3781