Friday, January 11, 2008

Christian Louboutin Suede Ballet Flat

• Choose fuchsia or navy suede.
• Crisscross vamp with keyhole.
• Flat heel.
• Signature red sole.
• Made in Italy.

Before we had the opportunity to actually try on an expensive pair of flats, we found flats in the affordable range (for us at least) to be just plain uncomfortable. It really is a fallacy that higher shoes are uncomfortable and flats are for kickin' around -- I love Seychelles and Rocket Dog and other mainstream lines, and they have many different styles of flats, but they're painfully uncomfortable and my heels keep slipping out. I always need a shoe with a strap of somekind, a variation on a Mary Jane. We had the opportunity to try on a pair of originally very pricey shoes (they were marked 80% on sale at DSW shoes and were still $120) and they were amazing. Soft, comfortable, and fit like the proverbial glove.