Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Very C.H.A.R.M.-ing

We found this very cool site – they have a huge collection of antique charms – amazing!

From their site:

Welcome to C.H.A.R.M, where Charms Have A Real Meaning. Jewelry design duo and mother/daughter team Leslie Slutsky & Lisa Slutsky Feldkamp founded C.H.A.R.M in 2001 when Leslie created the very first C.H.A.R.M bracelet as a gift for Lisa. Inspired by her own mother’s charm bracelet from the 1950’s, Leslie set out to design a bracelet for Lisa that would reflect her daughter’s unique personality.

Lisa was delighted by her bracelet filled with charms that represented so many significant parts of her life; a gold parakeet for her beloved childhood pet, a big red apple symbolizing her life in New York City, a birthday cake from her Grandmother’s own bracelet and a martini shaker for her favorite beverage were just a few of her special charms. Lisa wasn’t the only one that admired her bracelet; friends, neighbors, and complete strangers raved about her antique charms with their moveable pieces and detailed features. Thus C.H.A.R.M was born.

Today, C.H.A.R.M has amassed one of the largest vintage charm collections in the United States spanning every era from antique to deco to modern. Charms are lovingly collected from Leslie’s travels all over the world. In 2004, Leslie and Lisa started to take the designs they love most and reproduce them with the same handcrafted quality of vintage charms. C.H.A.R.M now manufactures over 300 of these heirloom quality “vintage inspired” 14k gold charms. Many have moveable elements or gemstones, enameling or a space to engrave that special name or date. The latest addition, baby c.h.a.r.m, was created for our own hoop earrings and features tiny charms with diamonds. C.H.A.R.M creates classic styles with a sense of humor and an eye on fashion.

C.H.A.R.M is dedicated to creating jewelry that is as unique as you are. Enter the world of C.H.A.R.M and you will find charms representing almost every facet of a woman’s life. Choose charms from categories such as Beauty & Fashion, Sports & Hobbies, Love & Luck, Pets & Animals and many more. And if you still can’t find what your looking for, contact Leslie and Lisa and they’ll find it for you. C.H.A.R.M’s commitment to customer service is unsurpassed because as Leslie says “Everyone deserves to be charmed”. If you are looking for something you do not find on our site, email us at