Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oops They Did It Again

Once when BeansTalk and two associates had to go to the NY office of the raggy magazine we were working for, one of the low-riding jean-wearing editors was fully exposing her thong, replete with bow at back. We won’t name her, but her initials are AF. At any rate, after we left the office, we all couldn’t get over it.

“I almost said, ‘nice thong, A****,” said TG. “Me too,” we chimed in. “Not super professional, no?” said KB.

She could’ve used these: JAKs

Here’s the 411: Is there anything better than staring at someone’s “crack”…their “coin slot”, their “butt cleavage” while dining at you favorite restaurant? Well the days of exposing butt-crack and muffin tops are over, thanks to Miss Oops. The newest development in this line of beauty-saving, problem-solving products is JAKs—a form-fitting band that fits over low-rise pants and under tee-shirts and other tops.

JAKs appears to be a camisole or tank layered underneath a top. Actually, JAKs is
the latest fashionable secret weapon to covering up exposed bottoms and “love-handles” without wearing multiple layers of clothing.

Sit down, bend over, squat down in low rise jeans with confidence. Simply pull on a pair of JAK (the name is a combination of “jeans” and “crack”) and wear your favorite low r ise pants with confidence!

JAKs, made of nylon and spandex, also helps hold in the stomach while reducing the appearance of “muffin tops.”

Price: $38.00 Colors: Black lace or White lace

Available at and boutiques nationwide.