Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New From kaplanMD

The area around the eyes is very delicate and one of the first places on the skin that shows signs of aging. When it comes to protecting our skin, it is important to use a separate eye cream to treat specific problems, as opposed to just an overall face cream.

The new kaplanMD Intensive Eye Cream is a nourishing emulsion that replenishes, restores and firms delicate skin around the eyes. Nutrient-rich marine extracts of Hawaiian Algae help inhibit collagen breakdown, increasing elasticity to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Antioxidants from Red Tea and Sweet Orange reduce puffiness up to 50% and stimulate microcirculation, while peptides fortify thin, translucent skin. A patented skin brightening complex diminishes dark circles and reduces redness. Nutrient rich avocado oil provides exceptional hydration, while Shiitake Mushroom extracts protect the extracellular matrix around the eyes for firmer, more youthful looking skin.

kaplanMD Intensive Eye Cream Key Ingredients:

Phytogenic Triactive Complex – An exclusive blend of Soy Isoflavones that firm and plump skin; Grapeseed Extract, a powerful antioxidant designed to fight free-radicals and exotic Black Cohosh, to help reverse the signs of skin aging.

Algisium C – Tightens the skin and lessens the appearance of wrinkles.

Flavagrum PEG – Derived from sweet orange. A cosmetic version of hesperetin, it provides tissue draining properties, stimulates microcirculation and diminishes under-eye bags.

Red Tea – Red tea is an antioxidant up to 50 times more potent than green tea, due to the high concentrations of Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD). SOD is an enzyme that protects oxidative damage which limits the effect of free radicals on the skin.

Hawaiian Sea Extract (Hawaiian Algae) – Provides superior lubricity and humectancy (ability to hold and retain water). It enhances the skin’s smoothness, reduces fine lines, improves skin firmness and elasticity, and soothes the skin.

Matrixyl 3000 – A synthetic peptide, Matrixyl 3000 increases the synthesis of the dermal matrix which is essential to preserving the skin’s youth. It diminishes wrinkles and restores the skin’s dermal matrix.

Haloxyl – An anti-inflammatory ingredient used to decrease pigmentation of the rings under the eyes.

MDI Complex – A collagenase inhibitor that helps slow skin aging and maintain younger looking skin. It helps reduce skin redness, the appearance of spider veins, and dark eye circles.

Dermaxyl – An anti-aging active ingredient consisting of ceramide 2 and polypeptide, which has proven wrinkle smoothing and skin barrier repair effect.

Lentinus Edodes Extract (FERMISKIN) – Obtained from Shiitake mushrooms and rich in oligosaccharies and galacturonic acids, it protects the skin’s extra cellular matrix from enzymatic breakdown by its anti-metallo-proteinase activity.

Oat Kernel Extract – A protein derived from oat kernels, this unique and original combination of oat bio-proteins and protein-polysaccharide polymers produces the triple action of nutrition, hydration and skin tension. It reduces the amount and depth of facial wrinkles, while smoothing the skin.

Key fruits and botanicals found in kaplanMD Intensive Eye Cream:

· Soy, Grapeseed and Black Cohosh
· Red Tea
· Jojoba Esters
· Hawaiian Algae
· Shiitake Mushroom
· Avocado Oil
· Oat
· Sweet Orange
· Shea Butter

Celebrity fans of Dr. Kaplan and the kaplanMD brand include Kate Beckinsale, Sienna Miller, Minnie Driver, Anne Heche, Kristin Davis, Aisha Tyler, Goldie Hawn, Julie Louis Dreyfus

Intensive Eye Cream retails for $110.00 and is available online at as well as select retailers nationwide.