Thursday, February 21, 2008

The At-Home Red Carpet Facial

Before stars show up for events, they arrive at Hollywood’s Kinara Skin Care Clinic and Spa for its must-have signature treatment. Debuting its Kinara Red Carpet Facial kit nationwide, everyone can now get instant gratification with lasting rewards and no side effects - delivering poreless, flawless, lit-from-within skin that is close-up ready to the faces of America.

Skin alchemist and spa co-owner Olga Lorencin-Northup brought her hours of treatment practice to the lab to put the very best ingredients into ideal formulations that reveal star radiance without risk.

“Our clients don’t have the luxury of any recovery time,” Olga says. “I adjust every
ingredient, proportion and combination until they are just right.”

The kit is simple, yet the formulations are anything but,

1- Lactic- and malic-acid peel plus calming argenine

2- Awakening neutralizer with pore-cleaning power

3- Multi-ingredient mega mask reveals a firm radiance plus soothing anti-inflammatories

4. A Kinara bowl-and-brush apply spa-style

“Even the way this works and feels is different,” says Olga. “The combination of the peel and neutralizer actually ‘steam cleans’ the pores, creating an awakening, effervescent sensation that feels as amazing as skin looks.”

Smoothing, firming, hydrating, clarifying, line-hiding, light-shining, oxygenating, and just about perfecting, this kit delivers an airbrushed result asap, while building a far more improved and high-functioning skin over time.

“I don’t believe in bad skin, I believe in the wrong skin care,” said Olga. “The balanced formulations make it safe and ideal for any skin type, achieving its best with weekly use.”

You’ve seen the results on screen, now see them in the mirror. Retailing at $95 and available at select retailers and on, the Red Carpet Facial was tested on Hollywood’s A-list, not animals.