Friday, February 15, 2008

Please say Bob Mackie didn't design Cher's dress. Not that we're missing those iconic gowns from her variety TV show days, but they would, at least, be camp. This whole photo says a mess of things (too many). Cher looks like she's wearing a wig (and even if she is, it shouldn't look like she tried the polyester mop on at the Westfield Mall Wig Store), she looks tired and her dress is kind of a goth meets 1988 Fall Fun Dance, held at the Halloween Haunt at Knott's Berry Farm.

We know we're not the first to say it, but Miley freakin' Cyrus is 15. 15. Not only is she out too late, they've dressed her way too old. We could use another descriptive, less kind word, but we won't. Let's just say they need to let her dress her age, like she's going to a school dance (she's too young for Prom, for heaven's sake), not like she's about to strut down Hollywood Blvd. to Hyde.

Miley Cyrus, in Celine, with Cher. (Grammys)