Friday, February 15, 2008

Nelly Furtado is gorgeous. We can say that with utmost certainty, because we saw her up front and personal at Elton John's Oscar Party one year (don't get excited, it's not like we were guests; we were guest-less, working, covering it for our day job -- a different day job than we have now). This entire ensemble just isn't cutting it. Furtado's make-up artist has bronzed her so much that if she were at the Oscars, instead of the Grammys (their statuette is a gramaphone), she might be mistaken for a live representative of the Academy's token. The combination of overdone skin coloring, combined with her bleachy hair is a little too Miami Beach, no? The dress is a gorgeous color for her, but it is so ultimately unflattering. She is tiny. Tiny. But the way this dress is cut, it accentuates hips that aren't really there.

Furtado has just announced that she's in the early days of her second pregnancy. Furtado is engaged and has a four-year old daughter from a previous relationship.

Nelly Furtado, in Arthur Mendonça. (Grammys)