Monday, February 11, 2008

Ice, Ice Baby: Introducing The IcePod

We’re not sure how much these cost, but we have heard they’re more than the actual iPod it’s covers. BeansTalk staffers are notorious for changing the covers of our cel phone on a regular basis, in an effort to protect and look good. We’re now doing the same thing to our MacBooks. We got the CFO’s castoff and it suits us fine.

Meanwhile, our winter holiday gift from the CFO and CEO, an iTouch, has yet to be used much (well, at all). We’ve already experimented with covers – we are notorious for dropping phones, Blackberrys, etc. Things seem to fly from our paws.

A while back, we had Nextel phones – which have at last (mercifully) lost their urban-audience appeal and incredibly annoying push-to-talk feature that people somehow felt was perfectly ok to use (translate scream into, crackle screech back) in public, like while waiting in line at Ross-Dress-For-Less. The one good thing is that the Nextel phone we had was supposedly made from the same material as football helmets and was super sturdy. As many times as we dropped it, we can attest to that.

But we digress. We’ve never been to Sundance (as in Sundance Film Festival) but we’re told it’s a total Swagfest. And at the most recent chilly-but-popular film fest, was giving celebs a special edition ipod (and its derivatives) cover, made of 14K gold with diamonds. This is all second-hand, so don’t quote us on it.

It’s called high-end, wearable jewelry for your iPod and it’s a very fresh company, only weeks old.

Anyway, they’re very pretty and we have a very soft spot for sparkly pretty things (deep down we are still a chatty 8-year-old girl).

This is from their fresh website:

icepod is a new company that recently launched at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. We produce high-end, luxurious wearable jewelry for iPods, the iPhone, and other popular hand-held gadgets. icepod is the world's first exclusive line of fully customizable iPod jewelry and is headquartered in Dallas, with offices in New Orleans and Tampa.

icepod wearable charms are available for various iPod styles (30gb & 60gb Video, 2nd Generation Shuffle, 2nd Generation Nano, 80gb & 160gb Classic, and Touch), the iPhone, and other hand helds, such as BlackBerrys and popular cell phones. icepod can be completely customized to accommodate your tastes and style. icepod boasts a pure, brilliant line of charms made of precious metals, such as 14K gold, sterling silver, and platinum, and precious stones ranging from diamonds to sapphires to rubies. A costume line is also available and is fully customizable, as well. Custom laser engraving for all products is available.

Beginning March 2008, icepod will launch a new website that will feature its first limited edition piece, available for purchase on a first come, first serve basis. Periodically, icepod will release a new, exclusive product only available on the website and in very limited quantities. Don't miss the opportunity to be one of only 100 people that will get these exclusive, luxurious pieces.