Friday, February 22, 2008

Three New Scents from Burn Candles

Robin Coe-Hutshing, co-creator of STUDIO at Fred Segal and popular BURN candles launched three new scents.

BURN candles are comprised of wide and low slung bowls not only because she found that appealing but because the wide mouth and trio of wicks creates the largest pool of wax on the surface of the candle. This expanded radius allows the greatest amount of ‘throw’ of fragrance into the atmosphere for over 100 hours. The bowls are poured by hand to make evident the human touch.

BURN candles show the handiwork of the artisanal perfumer. Each fragrance is composed of a multitude of notes at the base, top and heart. They are-in fact-eau de parfums that are intended to scent your space as subtly, seductively and complexly as any fragrance you could ever wear.

Below is a list of the new scents with their descriptions. Attached are images of the new candles. If interested in any of the candles, we’d be happy to send them to you.

Tunisian Orange Blossom
It is said that the intoxicating scent of the Neroli Blossom is an elixir of love. This perfect union of Tunisian Neroli Flower, Night Blooming Jasmine, Orange Blossom Honey Calabrian Bergamot, Bigarade Orange Peel, and Combava Petitgrain are arranged in a delicate , but heady bouquet to stir the soul.

Ceremonial Jasmine Tea
The finest Jasmine Tea is an infusion of Green Tea, which is steeped for twelve consecutive nights with fresh Jasmine Sambac Flowers. We begin this unusually delicate and extraordinary scent with Green Tea, Jasmine Sambac, Night Blooming Jasmine, Fresh Camellia Leaves, a Tisane of Osmanthus Flowers with their slight tinge of apricot, and Formosa Oolong Tea.

Stone Fruit
The bounty of stone fruits – just picked, flesh bursting with sweet fragrant juice: Velvety White Peach, Satsuma Plum, Pink Blush Apricot, Golden Honey Nectarine, Wild Black Cherries, Champagne Loquat, Persian Quince and Tart Pink Rosehips artfully blended to create the succulent and mouthwatering aroma of a ripe summer harvest.