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Everyday Minerals founder Carina Menzies says, “Let’s be real.” She wakes up everyday at 5:30 in the morning, fixes breakfast for her kids, dresses them, makes their lunches, drops them off at school, goes to work, then picks up the kids, gets groceries, makes dinner, washes the dishes, does laundry, then puts the kids to bed, and then knocks out. Then she wakes up to do it all over again. Like many other women, Carina savors her special “me time” because it is rare. And because of this she believes there is no excuse for having anything less than the best when it comes to beauty products.

Everyday Minerals makeup and skincare is healthy, pure, simple, and affordable. It is makeup for True Women and for Everyday…not just special occasions. “Our products are good for you, versatile, exciting, and playful,” says Carina. “But most of all, they are real.” Carina started out as one of California’s premiere estheticians in all-natural and organic skincare and realized that there was one thing keeping women from enjoying the full benefits of organic products- the price! Hence, Everyday Minerals was born.

Health and beauty go hand-in-hand and there is nothing healthy or beautiful about toxic chemicals. This is why Everyday Minerals makeup is all-natural, organic, and non-comedogenic. It is free from all plastics, oils, fillers, talcs, and other chemicals found in designer and supermarket brands. And it is affordable!

Thanks to the great success of Everyday Minerals, Carina is now able to focus on bigger issues with making a difference. She is currently in the works to open her first all girls school in the coffee region of Ethiopia and hopes to continue to let this brand be the driving force in creating a world filled with goodness.

The Everyday Minerals line includes custom kits, foundation, blushes & face colors, eye colors, lip gloss, brushes & accessories, concealers, finishing powder, pressed powder, and skin & body care. All products are all-natural and organic.

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Carina Menzies on choosing the right color:

Selecting your Everyday Minerals Foundation Shade

Choosing the correct shade of foundation is the most important part of makeup application. Think of foundation as the base on which you build your entire look, so it is extremely important that you find the right match for your skin tone. Everyday Minerals foundations are what we like to call “forgiving” and most people can wear several different colors and look flawless in every one. This is because minerals reflect light and have a much wider color tolerance than most makeup -- and you thought it was just healthy for your skin!

The right foundation shade will make your skin appear radiant and glowing, will reflect the highlights in your hair, and you will hear great compliments-such as “You look great!” And isn’t that always a nice thing to hear? So let’s get going and make this easy for you to find your perfect shade of Everyday Minerals foundation. The foundations are broken down into 6 different categories: Warm, Golden, Cool, Beige, Buff, and Olive.

Foundation Categories:


Warm is for skin tones with a yellow, ruddy or peachy complexion. Hair color can range from dark brown to dark blonde to dark auburn. Eye color is usually brown, hazel, or darker blue. This skin tone tans well and usually does not burn. If you look at the underside of your arm, your veins may have a slight greenish tint if you can even see them at all. You look better in warmer colors, gold jewelry, and ivory instead of white. Here are the shades in the warm category:

Medium Beige
ideal for light tan complexions. Some celebrities that would use this shade are Sophia Bush, Molly Sims and Heidi Klum.

Buttered Tan
ideal for those with a creamy yellow, honey shade whom have medium tan to olive complexions. Take a look at our model on the “Get This Look” tab for an excellent example. Some celebrity examples would be Jennifer Lopez, and Jessica Alba.

Medium Beige Summer
is for light tan complexions with peachy undertones. Think Jessica Biel and Lauren Conrad.

Sandy Medium
is for medium tan skin with pink to peachy undertones. Take a look at our model on the “Get This Look” tab. Some other examples would be Thandie Newton and Alicia Keys.

is ideal for tan complexions with red to brown undertones. Jordan Sparks and Tyra Banks could wear this shade.


Golden is for a deep, rich yellow skin tone, like a sheet of gold. Hair color can range from darker medium brown to a buttery blonde. You have very golden highlights in your hair. Eye color can be blue, hazel, green or a lighter shade of brown with some gold specs. This skin tone tans very easily and does not burn. If you take a piece of paper and hold it close to the underside of your arm, it should reflect a yellowish or golden tint upon the white paper. You definitely look better in gold jewelry than silver. The gold picks up the highlights/golden color in your hair and skin. You may also notice that wearing black close to your face may take some of your color away and make you appear washed out. Here are the shades in the golden category:

is for fair to light golden skin tones. Some celebrity examples would be Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn.

Golden Fair
is ideal for fair complexions with slight yellow undertones. Some celebrities that could use this shade would be Cameron Diaz and Carrie Underwood.

works very well with soft yellow undertones. It is ideal for light to medium golden complexions. Think of Jessica Simpson, and Faith Hill.

Winged Butter
perfect for light olive complexions with strong yellow undertones. Take a look at our model on the “Get This Look” tab. Jennifer Aniston would wear this shade.

Medium Tan
ideal for medium to tan complexions with deep warm undertones. Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez are celebrity examples of this shade.

Medium Deep
is for golden, deep complexions such as Vanessa Williams and Rihanna.


Cool is for those with pinkish or soft red undertones. Hair color can range from black to dark red to platinum blonde. Eye color is usually light as in blue or green. If you are African American, then your eye color will be very dark brown, almost black . Cools usually burn first and may take along time to achieve a tan. Quite a few won’t tan at all. If you look at the veins on the underside of your arm, they will appear bluish. Cool skin tones look better in silver jewelry, white instead of ivory and bolder colors close to their face. Here are the shades in the cool category:

is ideal for fair complexions with natural earthy pink undertones. Some examples would be Angie Everhart, Kate Walsh, and Courtney Cox.

Fair Medium
is a shade that is half-way between fair cool and medium cool shades. It is perfect for fair to light complexions with pinkish undertones. Some examples would be Cate Blanchet, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kate Winslet.

Multi-Tasking Neutral
is for fair to light complexions without much natural color in the cheeks. Jennifer Connley, Liv Tyler, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marcia Cross are all good examples for this shade.

is for medium to tan complexions with pinkish undertones. Think of Katie Holmes, and Lynda Carter.

Medium Summer
is a little deeper color than Medium. It still for medium to tan complexions with pinkish undertones. Like Katie Holmes after a holiday in the Bahamas.

Deep Tan
is ideal for deeper complexions with pink to brown undertones. Examples would be Oprah Winfrey and Star Jones.


Beige is a more neutral skin tone category than the rest. It is perfect for those with soft beige complexions with a tinge of yellow or pink. All Hair and eye color can fit into this category. You may look great in both gold and silver jewelry, as well as white and ivory. If your skin tone has a tinge of yellow, warmer colors will look slightly better on you. If you have a tinge of pink with beige undertones, cooler colors may look slightly better against your skin. Here are the shades in the beige category:

Sandy Fair
is for fair complexions with soft beige undertones. Nicole Kidman is an excellent example of whom would use this shade.

Sunkissed Fair
is a fair natural shade with a little bit of color from a tan. Think Jennie Garth.

Fairly Light
is a perfect shade for those with fair to light complexions that have some soft yellow or pink undertones. Renee Zellweger would use this shade.

Medium Beige Neutral
is for light tan complexions that have yellow or pink undertones. Sandra Bullock and Molly Sims fall into this shade.

Light Medium
is excellent for light to medium complexions with yellow to pinkish undertones. Reese Witherspoon and Christy Brinkley are prime examples.

Light Tan
is suited for mild tan complexions moving into winter, Latinos with soft tan skin tones. Some examples would be Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, and Eva Longoria.


These shades will fit those complexions with natural to natural yellowish brown undertones in their skin. You will look better in warm colors, ivory instead of white, and gold jewelry. Hair color is typically warm brown to butterscotch blonde. Eye color can be any shade but will have some gold or yellow specs in them. You should tan instead of burn unless your skin tone is a very light beige. You also tend looked washed out without any blush(color) on your cheeks and eyes. Here are the shades in the buff category;

Fair Neutral
ideal for fair complexions with natural, earthy ivory undertones. Kate Bosworth would wear this shade.

Fairly Light Neutral
for fair to light complexions with natural muted light brown undertones. Think Heather Locklear.

Light Neutral
for light complexions with soft earthy beige undertones. Denise Richards and Christina Applegate are examples.

Beige Neutral
for medium complexions with medium beige to olive undertones. Terri Hatcher and Catherine Zeta Jones are prime examples.


These shades will fit those with yellowish, green undertones. Most Asians and Latinos will fall into this category. Hair and eye color are usually both dark. If you look at the underside of your arm, your veins are probably greenish. You tan very easily and never burn. You can not wear pastel colors, bold colors work much better on you!! You have probably found that many foundation colors end up looking ashy or pink on your skin. Everyday Minerals foundation will work perfectly for you as it allows your true olive skin tone to show through. Here are the shades in the olive category;

Olive Fair
ideal for light complexions with olive undertones. Lucy Lui and our model on the “Get This Look” page are examples.

Light Olive
is for light olive complexions with buttery yellowish undertones. Salma Hayek and our model on the “Get This Look” page match this shade perfectly.

Golden Medium
is a versatile soft golden shade ideal for light to medium olive complexions. Eva Longoria and Penelope Cruz could use this shade.

Olive Medium
is for medium complexions with very olive skin tones. Eva Mendes and our model on the “Get This Look” page are excellent examples.

In Closing

Keep in mind that the depth of your skin tone does change with the seasons. In summer you may be a Medium Tan from the Golden Category and a Medium Beige Neutral from the Beige Category in the winter.

The best area to try a foundation color is..on your face!! The underside of your wrist will be too light and so will your neck. Also, some people have more red in their faces or darker pigmentation and will need the correct foundation shade to even out their skin tone. One of the great things about Everyday Minerals is that it is so easy to mix your foundations to get that perfect color for every season! Now we have the large mixing jars, which make it a snap to create your perfect color.