Thursday, February 14, 2008


The Chairman of the Board has drawn a winner for BeansTalk's GLAMTHING Giveaway!

Congratulations to:

AUDREY EIG of Los Angeles

She will receive an "It's a Glam Thing" beauty & accessory basket filled with products including: SKINN Cosmetics by Dimitri James, Abrione Skin Care, Dazzle Dry Quick Dry nail Polish System, Clean Logic Bath & Body care, Naked Glow's The Body Lift, The Lip Lift and Bronzer, earrings by Twitterbird Creations, Curls hair care, Starlet Cosmetics brushes, a Fi Hair Gretchen brush, nubar cuticle oils, product from The Betty Boop store, Nutra Luxe MD Plus preservative free skin care & more. For more information visit This basket is valued at more than $650.

Many hanks to everyone who entered!!