Monday, March 16, 2009

Brewster's Millions
(Worth of Platinum)

Ever since she appeared in “Invisible Circus,” we’ve thought Jordana Brewster not only very beautiful, but a good actress who doesn’t seem to work enough.

She was in the little seen “Nearing Grace” (although it’s aired often on cable), and of course, the original “Fast and Furious.” (We’re probably the only people who liked the sequel “Tokyo Drift,” which featured a completely different cast and an utterly adorable lead actor in Lucas Black...but we digress).

At any rate, the only issue we have with Brewster is that she’s so freaking skinny. She was actually the tabloid proverbially “scary skinny,” and now is only “way too skinny” – check out the full figure shot (and specifically, her chest). She’s gorgeous, but needs to eat a sandwich!

Brewster attends the premiere of the film "Fast & Furious" in Los Angeles March 12, 2009. She wore platinum jewelry by Neil Lane and selected a pair of Platinum drop earrings, two bracelets and a cocktail ring. REUTERS/Phil McCarten (UNITED STATES) and (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)