Friday, March 13, 2009

Moschino Autumn/Winter 2009-2010

Double Meaning

"Double" embodies the quality of adding value, opportunities, sense and even use, and "meaning" refers to a double existence on two levels, on two wavelengths.

This collection is thus a double expression of classical forms and overlays, conceived, designed and produced in such a way as to create at times contrasts, continuities, and often novelties: new shapes, new volumes, new silhouettes.

Enter the "Torero Moschino" jacket, which can turn into a biker jacket embroidered with small safety pins, studs and small metal buttons or transform into a trench coat embellished with black stone appliqués.

The classic, linear overcoat—its clean, essential lines enhanced by the masculine fabric—is overlaid with a cloud of organza, black on blue, and transformed into its double with a new, different and exciting volume. The hyper-feminine tapered jacket is turned into its double with a layer of organza, detachable to enable addition as well as subtraction. Here, volume is a double choice of opportunities.

Dresses have the same double life: red flower applications are over-layed in black plumetis or black chiffon or 3D-effect printed appliqués.

Finally, double are the meanings of the riding jacket or the hound's tooth redingote and their riding trousers in sheer black organza: modern shapes for a classic content, like the rigid black tulle structure containing the black leather handbag.

"Double meaning" stands for the synthesis of a double ability to obtain results as they were initially imagined and conceived, therefore willed to existence.