Wednesday, March 04, 2009

White Bank

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White On!!
The Time is White

BeansTalk can no longer ignore that white denim is quickly becoming one the season’s “must have” items. We still adhere to the belief that white is a bad investment, is hard to keep bright, and isn’t flattering for the less-than-perfect figure. Still, nearly every “known” jeans line is creating and promoting a line of white denim.

On the plus side, it is fashionable now, and white goes with everything. There’s a freshness and versatility to white jeans, a crispness that harkens to mind something nautical and clean. White, it has been said, is ideal for spring-into-summer because it seems hopeful and optimistic.

Fashion experts have pointed out that in situations where even the most expensive and darkest of denim isn’t appropriate, white denim is accepted in almost any situation, it can be dressed up or down. White jeans are never casual and perhaps disrespectful, as standard jeans can be construed.

As for that issue we initially brought up, about white being difficult to maintain in its original state, denim is an easy-to-care for fabric and is easily washed in hot or warm water with like colors.

We’ve compiled several styles in varying price range of what’s available in white denim right now – you’re bound to find one within your budget and body-type.

LTB Jeans ($85 to $110) are seen left, in image above.