Friday, March 13, 2009


Moschino Cheap And Chic
Autumn / Winter 2009-10 Collection

Ruffle Dream

Moschino Cheap and Chic explored the theme of surrealism and ruffles, with humour using the colors of the season black, yellow and fuchsia.

Ruffles were strongly emphasized through the yellow cloth overcoat with ruffled collar and the ruffled jacket made of a combination of materials such as lightweight taffeta and the ribbed “canneté” fabric and velvet. Other looks from the runway incorporating a dominant ruffle look included the black gauze evening dress with ruffles on the bottom with a train and the small cape-jacket with black taffeta ruffles.

Accessories of the season embodied the ruffle theme including a shoe with colored suede ruffles on the vamp or the heel and ruffled handbags made of a combination of leather and ribbed “canneté” fabric or crackled lamé with an “outer space” look.

Dresses made up of oversized bows and giant pearls were used on dresses, tops and necklaces added the surreal touch to the runway in addition to a men’s belt with a core that holds itself up. Accessories complemented the ruffled and surreal pieces. Humorous hats colorful hats with “Minnie Mouse” ears along with pins saying “Don’t Steal."