Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reminder: Mother's Day is Coming Up

Today we perused the JudeFrances jewelry line and selected a few pretty baubles that you might want to gift your mother with for Mother's Day.

You can find the jewelry below on their site,

Here's what they say about themselves on their website:

JudeFrances Jewelry is featured at Neiman Marcus. In just five years, JudeFrances Jewelry has grown from being sold in just three stores to 29 stores. Oprah Winfrey bought a piece of Jude Frances jewelry at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills.

Jude and Frances met at a charity dinner in 2002, and have turned their line into a multi-million dollar company. "We are there for each other through thick and thin. Not a day goes by when we don't talk," says Jude.

Frances, mother of two and former owner of an interior design firm, oversees design and operations for JudeFrances. She was born in the English countryside and favors the more romantic, classic styles. Her favorite piece in the line is a JudeFrances diamond monogram necklace that Jude designed especially for her as a birthday gift. Frances is inspired by architecture. In fact, the new Venetian Collection launching in June 2007 was inspired by a trip she and Jude took to Italy for Frances' 40th birthday. "The iron grill work I saw in Venice inspired our new diamond overlay designs."

Jude, mother of three, leads sales and marketing. This Texas native inspires the edgier side of the line. Her favorite piece in the line is a white gold cuff bracelet with a diamond cross that Frances gave her as a birthday gift. Jude is inspired by fashion and style and has a knack for staying ahead of fashion trends.

JudeFrances Jewelry is headquartered in Southern California. Clients include Oprah Winfrey, Kristen Chenoweth and Paris Hilton. The 18kt. gold jewelry line is designed with diamonds and beautiful semi-precious gemstones. It features a unique interchangeable hoop and charm concept along with beautiful necklaces, bracelets and engagement rings.