Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cutie Gifts For Babies

Moncalin, the sophisticated line of children’s toys and blankets, is launching its new color combination named, “LE JARDIN”, (The Garden Collection). Moncalin’s signature potbelly Pigs & Cats come outfitted in a new floral combination, dazzling pastels, featuring Moncalin’s distinctive Pistachio.

Often named the “Haute Couture of plush toys & blankets” Moncalin has set itself apart from other mass production operations with its luxurious fabrics and attention to detail.

Moncalin’s boutique style creative process has been compared to that of Hermés, the French Luxury brand famous for its silk ties, scarves and Kelly Bags. In the tradition of Hermes, Moncalin utilizes age old in house design and methods resulting in high quality & unique hand crafted plush toys and blankets.

With a strong emphasis on design and color, Moncalin’s collection deviates from the classics by combining contemporary designs, charming features and vibrant color combinations to create some of the softest stuffed toys and blankets on the market today. The brand is coveted by many celebrities.

Moncalin collection presents an ideal option for those seeking gift for siblings and twins. Moncalin is sold at Sacks Fifth Avenue online, and in specialty boutique stores nationwide.