Friday, June 29, 2007

Super Hot: Pink Polka Dot

Do you love your arms? Does your braless rack salute the sun? If so, you might think about showing off these body parts by sporting one of these cute dresses from the super hot line Pink Polka Dot. This line caught BeansTalk’s eye recently and held onto it once we discovered who the designer was: none other than Sharise Neil, former wife of Motley Crue front man Vince Neil. Here’s more of her story:

Sharise Neil, designer and co-owner of Pink Polka Dot grew up in Orange County, California. As the only girl on her high school surf team she spent most of her time at the beach and in the ocean.

After high school she made her way to Los Angeles where she met and married Vince Neil, the lead singer of Motley Crue. The love of designing came to her while helping her then husband design stage outfits and jackets for high profile magazine covers such as Rolling Stone. It was not long after that she was designing original pieces for upscale boutiques on Sunset Blvd.

In the 90’s, she designed an 80-piece line of swimsuits called “Exposed” which was cross-marketed with Vince’s solo album which was titled “Exposed.” When the seven-year marriage ended she took a break from designing and became one of Hollywood’s premier club promoters with the hottest guest list in town.

Sharise’s good friend Daniella Clark, who is married to Gilby from Gun’s and Roses, started her own line of ridiculously low waisted jean, which is now known as denim powerhouse Frankie B. “I loved them so much, I asked her if I could design some equally low panties to wear underneath.” A new star was born and Sharise named this company NA-NA.

Sharise Neil has since transitioned to her new company called Pink Polka Dot with partner Kirk Siegel. Pink Polka Dot is a denim friendly line of mostly tops and dresses for the sexpot in all of us! She says, “I consider my style, a little bit of surf and a ton of Rock N’ roll. I want to make women feel sophisticated and sexy when they wear my things. My philosophy is simple…show a little, hide a little.”

Pink Polka Dot is also worn by some of Hollywood’s favorite starlets such as: Carmen Electra, Kate Hudson, Denise Richards, Kristen Cavalari, Heather Locklear and Fergie (London Bridge Video).

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