Monday, June 18, 2007

(Shockingly Flattering) Jeans for Our Roundiness!

Don’t think we’re taking on the denim department. That is strictly associate editor Andrea Goodwin’s balliwick.

We are very reluctant to try jeans. We are on the curvier side of the continuum, coupled with the shorter side of the spectrum. This makes for a rather challenging time finding jeans that are in any way flattering.

BeansTalk readers know that we kind of flipped our lid for the now defunct Bella Elemento line and were thrilled to pieces we could get them for under $30 (originally $198) at Ross-Dress-For-Less. Well, that well has run dry, and we reluctantly tried a pair of Pine IV jeans – they are made from 98% cotton denim and 2% spandex, which is exactly the blend of a pair of Department of Peace jeans we tried on once but didn’t buy, and haven’t been able to find since. The only issue with the Department of Peace Jeans is that they weren’t particularly stylish. No, don’t get us wrong, they weren’t “mom jeans” or anything, but we weren’t rockin’ the denim in them.

That said, the Pine IV jeans are fashion forward and genuinely what Vogue calls “fast fashion.” That means it’s very up-to-the-minute. And, for a person who buys their clothing on how closely it resembles nightwear (think nightgowns and PJs), they're super comfortable. The fact that we're willing to wear them for an entire day says a lot. Really. A lot.

Pine IV jeans are made from high-end Japanese denim, known for its sophisticated washes and high-quality yarn. And unlike a lot of other specialty brands, Pine IVs come in sizes for a curvy girl. Jennifer Garner, America Ferrera, Teri Hatcher, Faith Hill and Amber Tamblyn all love the line. For every pair you purchase, the folks at Pine IV will make a donation to plant one tree on your behalf. Go greenie!! Retails for around $200.