Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sun Worshipper
Andrea Goodwin, Associate Editor

It’s a compliment, right? BeansTalk is a So Cal beach native, don’t cha know. We grew up playing volleyball and flirting with cute surfer dudes at Will Rogers State Beach. Ahhh those were the days.

Well, you can take the girl away from the beach and the harmful rays, but you can not take the beach away from the girl. As summer approaches, we still feel the draw of sun-soaked days lounging on our towels, wiling away the hours. Except that, we know better now. Skin cancer made us wake up real fast to the deceitful allure of the sun.

We have a better idea. Check out the Sun Worshipper Face and Body Collection from Bare Escentuals. ($49.00) The set contains:
Faux Tan Sunless Tanner with Pump
bareMinerals Faux Tan All-Over Face Color
bareMinerals Nude Beach Glimmer
Wearable Bronze Lip Gloss
Flawless Application Face Brush

So fun! For days you are strutting your short shorts we recommend the super nice Faux Tan (better than real) lotion. This natural and hydrating lotion is easy to apply because you can monitor the shade as it goes on. BeansTalk tried it and was happy to see, in about three hours, a “suggestion” of a tan rather than the embarrassing orange or toasty look. Word to the wise: do be sure to wash your hands.

We also liked the Faux Tan All Over Face Color. Again, a sheer cover after regular foundation will give a suggestion of being sun kissed, especially if one applies it to the cheeks, bridge of nose, and forehead. Note: BeansTalk is planning to do some backstage coverage for the Daytime Emmys coming up, and we know that this little product is great for celebs who know they are to be photographed and do not want to look washed out. God forbid a starlet is photographed standing next to someone who is tanner than she!

For the Jennifer Lopez glow that we all crave the Nude Beach Glimmer is a really, really pretty effect for the eyes. The shade is best described as a translucent warm mauve. It can be worn wet or dry, alone or mixed with other bareMinerals, for a variety of shimmering summer looks.
Keeping it simple: Add a dab of the Wearable Bronze Lip Gloss, and a little mascara and you are good to go.
Check it out at http://www.sephora.com/