Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Green is the New Black

BeansTalk is pleased to announce that goes live this week with the latest and greatest in green fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Think DailyCandy meets Stella McCartney--Green Girl Guide features content rotating weekly and a blog hosted by their very own Gigi Green where you can air your green rants and raves. We're not talking granola and granny panties, Green Girl loves the hottest organic denim, the most luscious non-toxic lipstick, sexy recycled cashmere sweaters, a food-grade moisturizer that's so pure you can eat it, luxurious silky sheets made from sustainable resources and the best organic lubricant to use when you're, um, breaking them in.
Check out the site and sign up for their very non-invasive yet thoroughly entertaining newsletter (you can get free stuff if you do). Oh and if you like it, pass it on.