Friday, February 01, 2008

Chi Chi

From Our Friends at Chi/Farouk

Canadian Police Seize Counterfeit Chi® Hairstyling Irons

Québec City– Farouk Systems gained triumphant victory in Canada when officers of the RCMP in Québec City Detachment seized over 4,500 counterfeit hairstyling irons. Last year the RCMP received a complaint from Farouk Systems regarding counterfeit CHI hairstyling irons, and therefore an investigation was launched in March 2007. Farouk Systems uncovered that there were counterfeit irons being sold under their well renowned CHI® brand, after one was returned by an unsatisfied user. The consumer bought the hairstyling iron on the Internet and was led to believe that the product was authentic from Farouk Systems. Afterward, it wasn’t long before the prestigious company began receiving complaints from other buyers who indicated their hairstyling irons failed shortly after delivery. At this time no arrests have been made but the investigation continues.

These counterfeit hairstyling irons were bought on the Internet.

Farouk Systems is a reputable company distinguished by its Innovation and Advanced American Technology, something that cannot be duplicated. The company takes diversion and counterfeits seriously and it will not be tolerated! Farouk Systems will continue to do its due diligence to confiscate any irons that are diverted and/or counterfeited. In addition, the company will continue to pay Millions of dollars in legal fees as they continue to fight in this disgraceful battle...