Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Harris Faulkner

Current Affair Correspondent on Stalking

A Current Affair’ correspondent Harris Faulkner wants to protect victims from stalkers and domestic abuse. She knows of what she speaks. On the show’s Thursday, April 28, 2005 episode (syndicated, check local listings for station and times), she’ll offer a show that will discuss how between 1993 and 1995, Faulkner was stalked by an acquaintance, and still deals with the threat.

“I feel the safest when I’m on the air,” says Faulkner of her personal plight to keep her stalker at bay. She claims that with her being on television, her friends and family know where she is and that she is not, at that moment, in harms way.

“At the suggestion of cops, I went to court to get a restraining order, legally keeping this stalker away from me. It didn’t work, nothing did…,” continues Faulkner, who points out that any ordinary person can find themselves in the extraordinary circumstance of being a victim of stalking or domestic abuse.

This was the case for 26-year-old Maranda Williams, whose murder was caught on tape by security cameras at the grocery store where she worked. The loss of this life prompted South Carolina House Representative Gloria Haskins to introduce “Maranda’s Law” stating, “Maranda’s Law would have kept Christopher Williams [her murderer] in jail, awaiting trial after beating her the first time…instead of letting him go free…free to kill her.”

In Faulkner’s case, the stalker too had gotten out of jail in advance of his court date and had found her new home within hours. She says, “When he got out of jail, his obsession to profess his love turned dark and violent. He would do things to let me know he was unstoppable.”

Only a portion of the attack on Williams, a single mother, will be shown on Thursday’s ‘A Current Affair.” Her stalker came into her place of work, held up the store at gun point and threatened Williams for over an hour, during which time police officers attempted to negotiate with him to no avail. He fired two shots into her back, killing her.

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