Monday, August 21, 2006

The Absolute Don't Go Without: Sunscreen

For various reasons that we won't get into, we've become even more hyper-sensitized to the necessity of suncreen. When the chairman of the board is an active nine-year-old, prone to jumping in and out, and in and out (and in and out again) of a swimming pool, it concerns us even more.

So here's the thing with us and sunscreen: we're allergic to everything, we hate being sticky (and must always have a partially wet face towel or the likes at all times to remove all traces of yucky-ness on our paws) and don't like bad/unusual smells. The result is that it becomes very difficult for us to choose just the right sunscreen, for ourselves and the CEO.

We are all over and totally support Colorescience's clear powder built-in brush sunscreen (but it costs $50 and we've lost two already), so we have found the next best thing(s). Since we do use mineral makeup (see article below), we're lucky to be covered in that respect. Still...

Thanks to BeansTalk friend Lesley Althus, who introduced us, last year, to Coppertone Continuous Spray Sport Sunscreen 30 SPF, we've been able to keep our little messiah as screened as we can.

Then, thanks to BeansTalk associate A. Goodwin, we discovered that Target (pronouce Targh-jay) makes a generic version that works quite well.

On the other end of the spectrum, we were given an AMAZING sunscreen from the new Timeless Secret folks. It's fantastic. It smells great, we're completely, utterly not allergic to it and it works like a dream. Unfortunately for most people (and believe us, that includes us), it's a little pricey, at $65 for a small (small) tube.

Timeless Secret SAVE FACE

Water Resistant Sun Shield SPF 30 with Pu-erh 300+ complex™

A moisturizing formula that counteracts the environment’s drying effects while offering broad-spectrum sun protection against UVA & UVB damage.

» Water resistant formula powered by 7.1% micronized titanium dioxide
» Patented sunflower seed oil and shea butter complex moisturize deeply
» Pu-erh 300+ complex™ from tea origins protects and detoxifies skin from environmental aggressors including sun-induced free radical damage and inflammation
» Freshly scented with citrus and tangerine essential oils
» Fragrance free
» Allergy tested

Apply liberally before sun exposure. Reapply frequently after swimming or exercising. $65. 00 1.7oz / 50ml


Coppertone Continuous Sport Sunblock Spray, SPF 30 6 fl oz (177 ml)

High Performance, Ultra Sweatproof Sunscreen

Quick and even coverage

SPF 30 UVA/UVB Protection

Ultra sweatproof


Continuous Spray ~ No Pumping Required

Coppertone® Sport Spray is equipment for your skin. This high performance, ultra sweatproof sunscreen bonds to your skin on contact and won't run into your eyes and sting. Plus, this unique spray form offers quick and even application, no pumping required.





Specially formulated for active adults, this Rub-Free spray goes on quickly and dries in seconds.

Questions? Visit approx. $10 You can purchase this at just about any drugstore.