Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Best Earphones Ever Cadillac Your iPod!

E4c Sound Isolating(tm) Earphones
Building off the resounding success of Shure's E Series Sound Isolating
Earphones, the E4c offers a number of enhancements that further distinguish the entire Shure line. Featuring the studio quality sound that listeners have come to expect from Shure, the E4c is packaged in a sleek, lightweight design to complement today's popular portable music devices and sound isolation technology that complements the busy lifestyle of the prosumer. Ideal for the business traveler or on-the-go audiophile, the High-Definition Driver with Tuned Port Technology creates an incredibly accurate and detailed sound, complete with clear highs and extended bass.

Celebrities Who Received E4c Earphones at the Extra Emmy Lounge

Al Jean Writer, The Simpsons
Alyson Hannigan Actress, How I Met Your Mother
Andrea Bowen Actress, Desperate Housewives
Bill Lawrence Executive Producer, Scrubs
Bonnie Somerville Actress, Wedding Wars
Carolyn Omine Writer, The Simpsons
Cheryl Hines Curb Your Enthusiasm
Chris Jericho Actor, Celebrity Duets
Christian Clemenson Actor, Boston Legal
Cobie Smulders Actor, How I Met Your Mother
Cody Kasch Actor, Desperate Housewives
Craig Young Actor, Lost
David Weintrab Actor, Sons of Hollywood
Dayna Devon Extra
Ed Sanders Host/Personality, Extreme Home Makeover
Eric Millegan Actor, Bones
Erica Shaffer Actress, Fashion House
George Stults Actor, 7th Heaven
Greg Grunberg Actor, Alias, Heroes
Gregory Itzin Actor, 24
Jacqeline Mazarella Producer, Everybody Hates Chris
Jai Rodriquez Host/Personality, Queer Eye
Jason Segel Actor, How I Met Your Mother
Jeri Ryan Actress, Shark
Jerry Penacoli Host/Personality, Extra
Joel McKinnon Miller Actor, Big Love
John Billingsley Actor, The Nine
Jon Kelley Host/Personality - Extra, WMAQ-TV, ESPN
Josh Radner Actor, How I Met Your Mother
Joy Lauren Actress, Desperate Housewives
Kathy Griffin Actress, Life on the D List
Khandi Alexander Actress, CSI: Miami
Maggie Grace Actress, Lost
Maria Conchito Alonzo Actress, My Network
Matt Selman Writers, The Simpsons
Michael Moloney Host/Personality, Extreme Home Makeover
Ming Na Actress, ER
Missy Pergrym Actress, Stick It
Neil Patrick Harris Actor, How I Met Your Mother
Paige Davis Host/Personality, Extreme Home Makeover
Randall Winston Producer, Scrubs
Randy Spelling Actor, Sons of Hollywood
Robert Gossett Actor, The Closer
Tim Long Writer, The Simpsons
Tom Ham Writer, Alias