Wednesday, August 30, 2006

T3 For Tresses

We’re all about our hair, so we’re always on the lookout for something that will make our hair look good. That’s why we love our ghd flat irons (and our Gail Johnson one, too). We just tried a new dryer, the T3 Tourmaline that is awesome. We cannot tell you how FAST it dried our hair and made it feel all good and healthy.

Here's what they say: Imagine a blow dryer that's actually good for your hair? You plug it in, and rather than blasting your strands with damaging heat for the better part of the next hour, you're done in half the time and your hair is hydrated, full of shine, and all the more healthier? Whether you want sleek, poker-straight strands or soft, sexy waves, pulling off either has never been easier or faster if you're armed with a T3. Infused with crushed tourmaline, a semi-precious stone that has unique electrical properties, this innovative line of blow dryers, flat irons, and diffusers is taking hair styling to an entirely new level.

The brainchild of a Silicon Valley whiz kid, the T3 Tourmaline Professional Ionic Hair Dryer is the future of hair drying, delivering the fastest heat styling physically possible—without damaging your hair. This super quiet, lightweight (it weighs in at less than a pound), state-of-the-art styling tool contains 100 percent crushed tourmaline gemstones, which are infused throughout the hair dryer in a patented process that's specifically designed to significantly speed-up your drying time. With the T3 Tourmaline Professional Ionic Hair Dryer, a 20-minute blow dry can be as fast as five minutes (depending on hair length and texture), cutting your routine by more than half.

Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone that's loved by jewelers for its kaleidoscopic range of hues, and revered by scientists for its remarkable electrical properties—when heated, tourmaline takes on a natural negative charge. The T3 Tourmaline Professional Ionic Hair Dryer utilizes these naturally produced, negative ions to split large water droplets into smaller molecules that immediately evaporate, thus drying the hair quicker, sparing the cuticles from excessive heat exposure and locking in moisture and shine. Plus, it uses infrared heat waves to gently dry the hair from the inside out. The result: Your hair dries four times faster than with a conventional dryer, free of static and frizz, and full of body and shine.

PDA's, cell phones, wireless Internet: Modern technology has simplified our lives. Finally simplifying our beauty routine is the T3 Tourmaline Professional Ionic Hair Dryer, $200 (tourmaline is one pricey gem). The highest-tech hair dryer on the market, this lightweight dryer has an extra long cord, a swivel base, and a super quiet blow. Plus, it's so gentle you can use it every day since damage will never be an issue. High speed, featherweight, and healthy for the hair, this hair dryer will revolutionize your morning routine. Now, what to do with those extra 15 minutes?

Aside from simplifying your routine, this revolutionary hair dryer is simplifying travel, too. The T3 Tourmaline Professional Ionic Hair Dryer for Travel, $130, dries hair nearly as fast as its big sister and is equally as featherweight, but is collapsible for easy traveling and comes equipped with a universal adapter that works on power outlets worldwide. Not to mention, its super-fast styling leaves more time for sightseeing—and sure beats the hotel dryer.

This is the one we have

Tourmaline Professional Ionic Hair Dryer for Travel

Tourmaline Professional Ionic Hair Dryer for Travel delivers the performance and innovation of the 'T3 Featherweight' dryer in a compact, globe-trotting size. It dries hair quickly and safely, and with a static-free finish by utilizing the same breakthrough technologies that have made T3 dryers such a success. Forget hotel dryers! Now, your hair can always look great - even while traveling the world.

Other benefits include:
-Tourmaline, a semi-precious mineral, is infused into the dryer itself
-Tourmaline is an unsurpassed emitter of negative ions & infrared heat
-This manufacturing process is proprietary and patented
-Negative ions deliver a smooth, shiny, silky, frizz-free finish
-Negative ions seals the cuticle to protect hair, locking in its moisture and color
-Infrared heat penetrates deeper to enable quick, safe drying

Special Features:
-Swivel handle design
-Utilizes both Tourmaline negative ion technology and far infrared heat
-Dual voltage (110V or 220V)
-48-month comprehensive manufacture's warranty
-1200-watts of power
-Compact and collapsible for easy storage and travel
-Suitable for use the world over - with appropriate plug adaptor (not included)

$130 at Sephora and Also at and Nordstroms. The featherlight dryer retails for $200; the Evolution T3 (professional grade) retails for $300.