Monday, August 28, 2006

Mine-to-Market Concept

1700 Ocean Jewelers
Romancing the Stone: Making Sure that people and the earth are treated with respect

Celebrities who associate their names to a product have grown more conscious about the origins of what they are promoting – and, as any person should be – are growing more concerned about where it came from, who made it and, by removing any natural element of that country/locale was anything disrupted?

Jewelry designers Earl Allen and Debra Savage of 1700 Ocean in Santa Monica California adopted the criteria of Fair Trade Gems based on these legitimate and compassionate concerns.

Fair Trade Gems wants to know how their stones are mined, but who involved in all aspects of the production. Fair Trade Gems devised a comprehensive list of questions that must be answered before they engage in any kind of contractual agreement.

Questions posed include:

Are their workers being paid a fair wage?

Are their working conditions healthy and safe?

Are they invested in countries where their very presence could elevate the risk of violent conflict?

Are they engaging in environmentally healthy practices?

Fair Trade Gems are closely tracked from mine to market to ensure every gem has been handled according to strict protocols. The protocols include environmental protection, fair labor practices at the cutting and jewelry factories, and a tight chain of custody that eliminates the possibility of treated gems or synthetics being introduced into the supply chain. The program also includes promotion of cultural diversity, and public education and accountability.

"In addition to supporting employees and taking care of the environment, protecting the quality and integrity of the product is very important," explains Columbia Gem House President Eric Braunwart. "It extends the protection of the Fair Trade Gems program to consumers, who deserve to know exactly what they are buying."

This is what romancing the stone really means: making sure that people and the earth are treated with respect

All Fair Trade Gems are sold with complete enhancement disclosure: many will also be sold as untreated, since the chain of custody required by the program also confirms they have not been treated.

The Heart & Soul Collections

The Old World Collection: 48 No. Limited pieces of Jewelry Art for men and women.

Rings of Life: Mother and Child rings in 18k yellow or white gold with diamond or colored stones engraved in Latin with a special message.

7 Sacred Doors: From ancient Tibet, the 6 original Chakras in 18k white gold and gemstones, each door has the key to unlock the “road to bliss.”

Affiatati: In Italian – The Unspoken Language of Love diamond engagement rings and bands that say “I Love You” without saying a word.

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