Wednesday, August 09, 2006

We See Celebrities

BeansTalk and an associate were out on ultra-hipster Robertson Blvd. on Monday, killing time (waiting for a staff-related photo shoot). Of course, you can't go there without seeing people who want to be seen. "Celebrity Fit Club 4" co-stars Erika Eleniak (former BeansTalk neighbor --and boy, could we tell tales, but won't) and Carnie Wilson, who are supposed to keep it low-key so audiences don't realize how much weight they lost during their tenure on what we like to call The Surreal Weight-Loss Life, were not only dining together at the Ivy, but they were sitting on the patio. So there you go. But since Lindsay Morgan Lohan wasn't there -- pretending she doesn't want photographers to take her picture, so she'll continue to be a fixture in the weekly tabloids -- there weren't a hoarde of papparzzi. But we can tell you that our associate A. Goodwin, who actually has seen the show, says that they look considerably slimmed down. That means success -- so you now have that spoiler -- they didn't go the route of the actually-gained-weight Countess Vaughn (who was a complete emotional wreck of a basketcase, btw) of last season.

Meanwhile A. Goodwin and I ran over to visit our friend Alison Muh at Surly Girl (they have great stuff, btw), and then over to the NewsRoom Cafe, where we were treated to the sight of the world's first self-proclaimed supermodel, Janice Dickinson, who was accompanied by her 11-year-old daughter Savannah Dickinson(dad is not Sylvester Stallone [remember that controversy?], but producer Michael Birnbaum "John Tucker Must Die" -- to refresh, Dickinson was dating Stallone, and was actually engaged to him until Savananah was a couple of months old) and another young girl who appeared to be a pal of Savannah's.

When visitors from out of town clamored to see celebs, BeansTalk always directed them to Cross Creek in Malibu where, for a long time, we were almost always guaranteed to see celebs (spotted: Mel Gibson, "king" of Malibu; Daniel Baldwin, aka the drunkest most in-need of serious re-hab Baldwin bro; Cindy Crawford; John Laroquette, among many, many others). However, now we'll just suggest that they stroll down Robertson and lunch at the NewsRoom.

POSTSCRIPT (added 11 August 2006): We finally watched our DVR'd "CFC 4" and boy, A. Goodwin was being seriously diplomatic. Eleniak now resembles a red-headed Kate (See-My-Clavicle?) Bosworth. We're not saying Eleniak is that dangerously thin, but there is a SERIOUS difference in her size. And now it begins to make sense why she and Carnie-Pie were flaunting themselves on the stage -- we mean patio -- of the high-profile Ivy on Robertson. They look great.

BeansTalk Ranty Observation: Now that we've revealed we've seen the show, can we say how much we utterly deplore the cloying, patronizing, unethical, ill-informed "show psychologist" ("Dr." Linda Papadopoulos) whose "education" from some allegedly London college establishment is questionable?? We think that school is the equivalent of the U.S.' DeVry or ITT Tech pay-to-AA-degree.

You are SO in trouble if you live in the U.K, because according to the VH1 website she is one of the "best-known" and "well-respected" psychologists in the U.K.! If your mental health needs a fixin' get thee to the damn U.S.A!!

We find ourselves constantly talking to the screen of our annoyance with her, and realize we might not be able to watch another episode just because of her. I guess we could fast forward everytime they show that face of hers (cover it with a scarf, she makes us want to barf!)

"Dr." Linda makes Dr. Phil look like the freakin' real thing (which, as we know, he is SO not). Host Ant is way better qualified to dish out advice. Super crazy-ass kicked-off-last-season Jeff Conway is probably way better qualified. See how much we dislike her? (We're directly avoiding the use of the word "hate," although we'll confess we were thinking it.)