Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Chiklis Parties, Disrupts Neighborhood

BeansTalk hears that Michael Chiklis and his family had been planning their Emmy party at their home in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley (Sherman Oaks) for at least a week. Our source tells us the party was "rocking." But unfortunately, the source (who experienced it first hand) says there was loud, concert-level music until midnight. If you recall, Emmy night was on a Sunday night and many kids have gone back to school.

“Many famous voices were heard singing. The crowd was huge and one of the LA Tour Groups buses were used to drop off invitees. Formal wear, of course. Activity still going on the next morning. Another bus ready to take people to the Emmys,” the source added.

Not So Neighborly Commish: Chiklis’ neighbors were miffed, not only that Chiklis didn’t send out courtesy notices/flyers that the party was going to take place Emmy night, but that they were subjected to all that noise and activity and illegal parking and they were not invited to the party. Come on, Michael “The Thing” Chiklis, you know the way to keep your neighborhood peeps not unhappy with you is to not act like a diva movie star. Be considerate!