Monday, August 21, 2006

Larenim Mineral Makeup

BeansTalk readers might know that we only use micronized mineral makeup (those of us who use any makeup, at least). We began with the line that everyone starts with, Bare Minerals or Bare Escentuals (basically the same, just marketed in either stand-alone mall stores or through television). We moved onto others, that we still use, including Colorescience (created by the original Bare Minerals founder, Diane Ranger) and True Cosmetics.

Despite the many samples we receive, we don't use any makeup products that aren't mineral.

We recently received the opportunity to try Larenim. We were sent a pressed- powder compact. We like the idea of a pressed-powder compact because it sounds inherently neater than the more popular mineral-in-a-jar.

Although the press-powder we were sent wasn't the correct color for us, we were impressed by how easily coverage was applied. With the products we regularly use (and still love, btw), we are sweeping that Kabuki and/or goat hair brush over and over, sometimes thinking none has been applied.

However, with the
Larenim, quick sweeps of the brush over the compact resulted in matte, comparatively dense coverage. This was nice, the notion that you can get ready more quickly, knowing that you're concealed, and most importantly, sun-screened! Instant sunscreen -- gotta love that!

The blush, Mauvelous (don't you love that name?) was right for us, as was the bronzer. The latter has a hint of sparkle. Very nice and worth a try. We love that they give customers the opportunity to order samples so that you can experiment with what might suit best.

We actuallty attended the Pre-Oscar Silver Spoon Buffet, but didn't have an opportunity to sample
Larenim (mineralspelled backwards, duh -- we were trying to figure it out until we read it on their site,, since thos manning the Larenim booth were very busy, but apparently several celebs did (see their site for pics and info). And you know that they care about how they look.

Still, we were more than happy to try the new pure mineral product Larenim.
When the new Mineral Sheers from Neutrogena came out, we purchased one, liking the design of the built-in brush (one of our favorite features of Colorescience), but noticed that it is not exactly purely minerals; and frankly, the brush doesn't seem to be of good quality, either.

The pricier drugstore brand selling mineral makeup these days is Loreal and we rather like it, although the unscrewing of the brush, the swish and tap is a little hard to do in the car, which is where we are always applying our makeup.

That said, back to
Larenim (we wish they had a built-in brush loose mineral powder and we could try it in the right color!). Larenim has a tremendous selection of eye-shadow colors, ranging in the colors we prefer (muted, earthy) to the more vibrant and bold. They even have a "Goth" category. For those experimental sorts there's the potential for hours of mixxing and matching and contrasting and playing. Very cool.

The company's website features a blog from the creator/founder Kristen Corcoran. There's something charming and colloquial about the fact that she's interested in keeping that kind of contact with those who choose to use her products -- especially when there's so many to choose from these days.
Here's an example of a posting from last year that we found informative:

"Larenim (that's "mineral" spelled backwards) is the company I founded after thoroughly researching the different minerals available for use in mineral makeup. There is an art in just the right mineral "recipe" for every product. Also, I don't use bismuth oxychloride which is a mineral used to hype the glow but is not suitable for sensitive skin or people who do not want their pores to appear larger. The only ingredients other than 100% minerals I use are dimethicone which helps stabilize the SPF, and carmine to tint some of the pink shades."

Corcoran also has photos of her pretty daughter and her boyfriend, and notes which colors her daughter is wearing. It's just cute and we like that.

Larenim facts:
  1. Truly non-comedogenic. Larenim will not block pores!

  2. No talc. Larenim will not permanently stretch pore walls, as can happen with traditional makeups.

  3. Larenim contains no oils, no fillers, and no FD&C dyes.

  4. Does not "spoil." Minerals will not support bacterial growth as ingredients in conventional makeups can.

  5. Larenim is easy to apply.

  6. It's very natural. Larenim is never mask-like.

  7. Larenim gives skin a beautiful "glow."

  8. Not tested on animals. Larenim makeups are cruelty-free.

  9. Made in U.S.A. Our company is 100% owned and operated locally (in Columbus, Ohio.)

  10. Perfect makeup for all skin types! Larenim is appropriate for those with acne, rosacea, lined, sensitive, or post-laser treatment skin.

  11. Larenim contains no Parabens. Parabens have been linked to breast cancer.

You can find Larenim at Whole Foods and Wild Oats stores; more locations and ordering are available on their website, www.larenim. com