Monday, August 28, 2006

Wedding White: Hilton in Sue Wong and More

Doesn't Paris Hilton look angelic in this Sue Wong frock, seen right?

Speaking of angelic, Paris Hilton, right in the photo left, and her sister Nicky Hilton pose together at the HBO post-Emmy Awards party in West Hollywood, Calif., Sunday, Aug. 27, 2006. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello).

We are more than ever convinced that Nicky has a cub Connelly bun in the oven. Allegedly. Allegedly.

The usually sleeky garbed Nicky has been wearing, we thinks, way too many baby-doll dresses and/or tops. We loved them in the late 80s, early 90s and would still be wearing them if we could find them, but we also think that Nicky might be trying to use them as a concealer until she and her beau, Entourage star Kevin Connelly make some kind of official announcement. She may seem young to you (she sure does to us) but then, their mother Kathy (then) Richards was still in her teens when she married Rick Hilton, so that would make Nicky older than her own mother when she becomes a first-time mom (whenever that might be).