Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Office Star Gets Peeved

Brian Baumgartner from the Emmy-winning “The Office,” with a Pet Peeves TM plush doll at the Hearts on Fire Diamond Indulgence Lounge which pampered celebs pre-show.

Pet Peeves TM, located in Los Angeles, California, was founded in 2006 by a team of industry executives, with experience in consumer products and development. Pet Peeves TM introduced products capturing little irritations and funny social/personal interactions, allowing people to vent and laugh at everyday aggravations.

Everyone has at least one thing that really irks them -- call them complaints, grievances or “Pet Peeves TM” -- they are the things that pop up throughout the day that drive you crazy. To learn America’s “Pet Peeves TM,” the company had a market research company, TNS NFO, conduct a nationwide online survey of more than 1000 consumers. The results found that telemarketing registered as an issue with 86% of the respondents; while grouches, tailgating and poor service were problematic for more than 80% of the people. Additional complaints included; late people (59%), being ignored (58%), cell phone abusers (56%) and messy people (39%).

The first product line of eight plush Pet Peeves™ have embroidered messages that express daily annoyances.

Hear Me Heather™ helps someone say, “Being Ignored Turns Me Off!” when she’s placed on a desk, in the kitchen, or given as a gift. In addition to Hear Me Heather™, there are seven other messengers:

Cheerful Chris™ states “Grouches Get My Goat!”
Neat Nick™ exclaims, “A Mess Makes Me Crazy!”
Do-Not-Call Dan™ says, “Telemarketing Gets On My Nerves!”
Hang Up Hank™ lets the world know, “Cell Phones Make Me Scream!”
Timely Tim™ chimes in with, “Late People Tick Me Off!”
Back Off Brittany™ screeches, “Tailgating Drives Me Over the Edge!”
Help Me Madison™ complains, “Bad Service Makes Me Bananas!”

The company added a new character line. From the SnailpacerTM who is always late, to the CellephantTM who continually yaks on his cell phone. When you give an IgnorillaTM to someone in your life, it can serve as a gentle reminder to listen when you speak. Additional characters include the Clutterhog™ who is messy and proud of it!

Pet Peeves TM are currently available at bookstores, gift, specialty, retail and drug stores nationwide, and on the web at: Launching this fall will introduce a social networking webtainment site and “home” for consumers to express, share, laugh and find solutions to their everyday annoyances and irritating experiences. Addressing consumers’ desires to express their own personalized irritations, ,will allow consumers to create their own Pet Peeves™. The site will also provide Plogs™ (Pet Peeves’ proprietary blogs) for visitors to above all else “express” their frustrations, and even e-cards that can be sent to a friend or family member. will be a destination for the modern consumer.