Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Emmy Garden Party

The pre-Emmys "Style 2006 Garden Party” was organized by Nathalie Dubois, CEO and president of the entertainment marketing company DPA. It was held August 25 and 26, 2006 at Frederic Fekkai Salon and Spa on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Dr. John Gray offered a "two-for-the-price-of-one" voucher to his Oxygen Spa in Northern California and actually was at the party, offering 10 one- on-one appointments, as well as free spa trips to 10 A-list celebrities or/and nominees attending Saturday the 26th. The value is $5,500 per celebrity. Gray consulted on the benefits of diet and exercise, and as a gender expert, he gave them his book, "The Mars & Venus Diet & Exercise Solution.” Each selected celebrity was invited to a free weekend at his Oxygen Spa in Northern California (near Fort Bragg) complete with further diet and wellness consultation from Dr. John Gray himself. (Celebrity’s are financially responsible for their own transportation and accommodation costs).

Dr. Glenn A. Kawesch offered Lasik (eye surgery) valued at $6600. He’s specialized in refractive surgery since 1989 and has completed approximately 25,000 surgeries, one of his most famous clients being Jessica Simpson.

For the two-day retreat at the Frederic Fekkai Salon and Spa, the premises were decorated by House Of Petals "Floral Couture.” House of Petals gave stars gift certificates.

Frederic Fekkai’s professional staff provided services that include blow drying, manicures and massages to the stars and other guests. They offered their line of shampoos, conditioners and shine mists. Each guest left the event with more than $350 in services and products offered by Frederic Fekkai Salon and Spa.

Café 440 catered. Guests ate ice cream from Graeter’s with their signature flavor Black Raspberry Chip. There was a chocolate bar, courtesy of Dove, the official chocolate sponsor of the 58th Emmys.

Refreshments were provided by Mojitos Island, bar included Izze as well as Badoit Sparkling Natural Mineral water from France, and Volvic Natural Spring Water from the Auvergne. There was also an espresso bar courtesy of Nespresso USA, featuring their latest espresso machine: Nespresso USA Le Cube‚ along with a two-month coffee supply. Refined champagne from Laurent-Perrier was served.

Dubois says guests left with around $73 000 in products and treatment.

Energetix magnet therapy gave away bracelets valued at $250. Ten selected guests will receive, from Robert Wan, with the courtesy of Perles de Tahiti, rare pearl necklaces valued at more $15,000. Wan gifted 50 bracelets to other selected guests.

Celebs were also gifted Hiro Morise’s Kunna Jeans valued at $250, Royal Guard Clothings valued at $500, to high end couture by local fashion designer Octavio Carlin, with gowns valued at $3000.

Dubois gave away more than $33, 000 of trips in tropical destinations. The Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa will send selected stars to Bora Bora in French Polynesia, and Caribbean Escapes to the Caribbean, exclusive, but not inclusive, these two destinations’ packages worth $7500 and $5000 respectively.

Four guest celebrities will vacation in the Diani Reef Resort in an all inclusive seven nights in Presidential Suite in Kenya, Africa, first class tickets included from the U.S., as well as safaris, spa. Sharon Stone was gifted this, btw. This is valued at more than $18,500. Diani Reef Resort is set on the legendary Diani Beach - a magnificent stretch of unbroken white sand along Kenya's South Coast -Diani Reef Resort and Spa is the first of its kind in Kenya's resort world. Overlooking the exquisite blue-green Indian Ocean, it provides for a charming and romantic get-away. Diani Reef Resort and Spa lends uniqueness, sophistication and style to this traditional coastal setting. There are 30 acres of landscaped tropical gardens and 350 meters of beachfront.

Make up by Beauty Addicts-"a revolutionary approach to make up that empowers women" with a full make up line valued of $500- to spray tanning from Jimmy Jimmy Coco "the sultry glowing tan of the Stars in a bottle" worth $420 were offered, too.

NIA 24, niacin-powered therapy products, was at the party and the products offered to the guests valued at $175. Xtreme Lashes’ eyelashes extensions and Tulia shea butter, Hai elite blow dryers, Laclede’s natural oral products and Mercedes’ perfume "Love Juice 18" (is it just us or is that, as a name for perfume, a little bit nasty?) were also featured.

Moonsus and Marsus gave away lap top computer bags. “The newest, fast, anytime, anywhere access”, the Pocket Surfer from EdgeTech was introduced. (The value of the unit is $300, but Edgetech will waive the subscription fee for 10 years, so the gift is actually valued at more than $1500). Itrain, the workout for ipod offered CDs providing workouts from yoga, to dance, to Pilates, and demonstrated their fitness downloads.

An additional gift bag included Deepak Chopra's latest book "karma sutra,” Donna L’Oren’s lingerie and sleeping bags SELK, made its first appearance to the public, with its revolutionary concept of form-fitting sleeping bag.

Also gifting were Anna Kosturova who gave away crochet bathing suits ($250 each). Face Stockholm’s make up was also a gift, "a Swedish cosmetics company that creates makeup and skin care that is true to the Swedish beauty ideal - natural, trend-forward, simple, clean, gorgeous and fun!”

Daniele de Winter, skincare specialist from Monaco, gave away products. Dove chocolate gave away cookies. Only Heart Club will gave dolls away, a $144 value, as well as little cute $45 tee shirts from dirty laundry tees.


House of petals www.houseofpetalsla.com
Izze $ 1.50 www.izze.com
Volvic/Badoit www.volvic.com
Dove $ 3.99 www.dovechocolate.com
Mojito Island www.mojitoisland.com
Graeters www.graeters.com
Tulia $16.50 www.tuliaskincare.com
Face Stockholm $19 www.facestockholm.com
Deepak Chopra. $30 www.chopra.com www.chopracenterny.com
Itrain $40 www.itrain.com
Dirty laundry tees $45 www.dirtylaundrytees.com
Lacleded $50 www.laclede.com
Frederic Fekkai $68 www.fredericfekkai.com
Donna L’oren $100 www.donnaloren.com
Only heart club $144 www.onlyheartclub.com
Laurent Perrier $ www.laurentperrierus.com
Mercedes $150 www.mercedesmusic.com
NiIA24 $175 www.NIA24.com
Anna Kosturova $250 www.annakosturova.com
Kunna $250 www.kunnaindigo.com
Energetix $250 www.energetix.tv
Daniele De Winter $270 www.danieledewinter.com
Selk $397 www.musuchouse.com
Edge tech $400 www.edgetechpc.com
Royal Guard Clothing $400 www.royalguardcloting.com
Jimmy Jimmy Coco $420 www.jimmyjimmycoco.com
Beauty Addicts $500 www.beautyaddicts.com
Nespresso USA $ 500 www.nespresso.com
Hai $500 www.hairartandinfo.com
Moonsus/Marsus $600 www.moonsus.com www.marsus.com
Xtreme lashes $600 www.xtremelashes.com
Octavio Carlin $3000 www.octaviocarlin.com
Dr Gray $5175 www.marsvenus.com
Lasik $6600 www.kaweschlaser.com
Tahiti BORA BORA NUI $7500 www.boraboranui.com
Caraibes CARABEAN ESCAPES $7500 www.caribbeansescapes.com
Kenya DIANI REEF $10500 + airplane ($8000 ticket) www.dianireef.com
Robert Wan TAHITIAN PEARL $15 000 www.robertwan.com www.perlesdetahiti.net

Celebs Who Attended

Tichina Arnold, Everybody hates Chris
Trisha Simmons, Desperate Housewives
Zee James, Everybody hates Chris
Andy Comeau, Huhh
Alexis Cruz, Shark
Alfre Woodward, nominee for Desperate Housewives (who received big gifts as trips to Kenya, Bora Bora and Caraibes)
Allison Janney, nominee for the West Wing
Adrienne Janic, Tlc
Bai Ling
Bonita Friedericy, The Nine
Bryan Cranston, nominee for Malcolm in the Middle
Ben Silverman, producer The Office
Carter Jenkins, Surface
Cathy Schulman, producer Crash
Cheryl Hines, nominee for Curb Your Enthusiasm
Joy Lauren, actress who played daughter of Marcia cross in Desperate Housewives
Cindy Ambuehl, The Jag
Don Diamond, Young and the Restless
Craig Robert young, Lost
Craig Zisk, nominee for directing Weeds
Cyrus Voris, nominee for writing Sleeper Cell
Emilie de Ravin, Lost
Eric Millegan, Bones
Eva Larue, CSI Miami
Francesco Quinn, Into the West
Glenn Gordon Caron, creator of Medium
Gregory Itzin, nominee for 24
Hunter Parrish, Weeds
Jackie Collins
Jacqueline Pinol, Heroes
Jane Lipsitz, nominee producer for Project Runway
Jennifer Finnigan, the Bold and Beautiful
Joe Lo Truglio
John Billingsley, The Nine
Jonathan Dickson, Lost
Jonathan Silverman, Week-end at Bernie’s
Sharon Stone, Bobby (who received a big value Robert Wan necklace and a $30,000 trip to Kenya)
Macy Gray, Idlewild (Robert Wan necklace and trip to Kenya also)
Jordi Caballero, Poseidon
Joshua Lebar, Entourage
Rex Lee, Entourage
Julia Verdin, producer the Merchant of Venice
Julie Benz, Huff
Kader Ayd, director Ennemis Public
Sylvie Vartan, biggest French singer. French super super stars
Kate Flannery , The Office
Kathy Griffin, nominee for My Life on the d List
Kimberly Elise, Diary of a Mad Black Woman
Kristen Ritter, Gilmore girls
Loretta Devine, Dreamgirls
Mae Whitman, Arrested Development
Maria Conchita Alonso, Desperate Housewives
Masiela Lusha, the George Lopez show
Mei Melancon, X-Men 3
Nadia Bron, big big publicist
Nancy Seltzer, same than above
Melody Korenbrot, same than above,
Annie Jeeves, same than above
Melanie Paxson
Mimi Schmir, nominee for writing Grey’s Anatomy
Niecy Nash, Reno 911!: Miami
Nora Zehetner, Everwood
Page Kennedy, Weeds
Paul DiMeo, Extreme House Makeover
Rachael Barris, notes from the underbelly
Rita Branch, producer Find me Guilty
Robert Gossett, The Closer
Sandrine Holt, 24
Sara Ramirez, Grey’s Anatomy
Sharon Case, the Young and the Restless
Sharon Lawrence, NYPD blue
Sir Ben Kingsley, Gandhi
Sunskrish Bala, Huff
Tanya Memme, move this house
Tatyana Ali, Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Vincent Martella, Everybody hates Chris
Joelle Benzarah, Miramax films
Carl Sector, director
Kendrick Osorio, stylist
Lori Glass, publicist Paris Hilton
Julie Polkes, big big publicist
Philip Halberstadt, William Morris agency agent
Christian Oliver new film with Kate Blanchett
Christian Clemenson, presenter at Emmys and Emmys winner for Boston Legal