Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bahay! Culver City

BeansTalk is all about supporting our homies. Well, if that’s too colloquial – and certainly not disrespectful of the Filipino Artisians featured in our hometown of Culver City.

Bahay means home in Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines. I t is the idea of home that inspires the creators of Bahay, who believe a home should consist of not only wonderfully made furniture, but art and accessories which create an environment that is a reflection of one’s true personality and style.

Bahay features their own contemporary designs as well as pieces inspired by modern furniture masters of the 20th century. Bahay’s Furniture is made using the best techniques such as mortise and tenon joinery coupled with natural raw materials and exotic hardwoods, resulting in beautifully crafted products at reasonable prices.

In addition, Bahay offers a Bespoke Furniture Service, which allows clients to customize designs for their home. Bahay will assist clients from the conception of the design all the way to the finished product.

Beyond unique furnishings, Bahay showcases artwork by celebrated contemporary artists from around the globe including Kevin Ancell, Chad Attie, Andrew Cramer, Melinda Hackett, Britt Michaelian, Peter Tunney, and Edwin Wilwayco.

(left) Kana Manglapus, recently relocated to Los Angeles from New York where she was the director of Milk Gallery, one of the newest contemporary art and pop culture galleries in Downtown New York. She also founded Section Urbaine, a lifestyle retail concept that fused the worlds of fashion, art and design. Manglapus has also traveled extensively throughout the world working in marketing and advertising.

(right) Eugene and Margarita Lorenzana, graduated from NYU’s Stern School of Business and Columbia’s School of Business, respectively, and moved to Manila where they founded Roomscape, a furniture store they created out of their love for home furnishings. It was at Roomscape where they developed their own designs, which can now be found at Bahay.