Thursday, April 06, 2006

Jaqua Scents

You may have seen the elegant boxes and smelled the delightful scents of Jaqua at Bath and Bodyworks stores. Creams, lotions, scrubs and sprays are among the products available. Jaqua specializes in super rich, decadent and luscious scents. You can also check out the impressive (very nicely done) website at

Their story: The Jaqua Sisters (seen above left) grew up in Santa Barbara, California, a beautiful spot nestled between the mountains and the Pacific, reminiscent of the French Riviera and the hills of Tuscany (BeansTalk loves it, just because it’s only two hours up the coast and features our favorite store, Random, on State Street). After successful careers in the spa and entertainment industries, which took them all over the world, the Jaqua Sisters realized that the beauty products that they craved did not exist here at home. They began creating the beautifully packaged, true fragranced, and highly effective bath and beauty products they loved. Jaqua Beauty was born out of the sisters’ creative spirit and desire to offer high quality, reasonably-priced indulgences using only premium ingredients, nourishing oils, and proven extracts.

“We really wanted to make a product that was so visually appealing that you couldn’t help but reach out and pick it up,” says Jennifer Jaqua, Founder and President. “Once you pick it up and smell it, and the Peach Parfait smells like real peaches and the Buttercream Frosting smells like a real cupcake, you just have to take it home with you. Once our customers have tried the product, we have found that they always come back for more!”

“We create products that we love, love, love or they don't go out the door,” says Sara Jaqua, Founder and VP Creative. "When we get our friends together for spa parties we use all of our products, so we have to be proud of them. We’ve been having spa parties since we were young girls and it’s the best way we know to rejuvenate and relax. With every product we make we want people to have a truly wonderful experience.”