Tuesday, April 04, 2006

(Yoga’s) Mother to the Stars

Who wouldn’t want a supermodel’s testimonial that they need to see you everyday?

“When I am in Los Angeles, I have to practice with mother every day," says Gisele Bundchen.

Educated at Columbia University and classically trained in the ISHTA School of Yoga, MOTHER studied under nationally renowned Yoga Guru, Rod Stryker, and was one of the founding teachers at Yoga Zone, Los Angeles. He has also taught at the Yoga House in Bel Air. For 5 years, MOTHER headed the Yoga program at Body & Soul Workout in West Hollywood. He now teaches private clients and retreats on location, and group classes at Equinox, Yoga Inside Out and Golden Bridge Yoga.

MOTHER is a yoga trendsetter with a unique teaching style. His fusion of classical Hatha technique and Buddhist philosophy helps student's get more than just a great workout. He helps students get into alignment with their highest self--and many are successfully battling everything from HIV to obesity.

He teaches students how to translate the endurance, strength and flexibility found in classroom in to spiritual qualities for growth in the real world. "Everything MOTHER has taught me in studio about asana (poses) I have learned to apply to my daily life and thought process," says a student who has followed him to four locations. His reps at Spin Shoppe PR say he breathes life into each class with a healthy dose of cardiovascular activity and earnest reflection based in the reverence for Yoga's traditions and values.

MOTHER writes the internet's MOTHER'S Milk. "My teaching of Yoga is centered around the idea of helping my students develop the sensitivity to feel, to trust and to allow the unique expression of their own life manifest itself in the world," MOTHER says. In the spirit of this philosophy, he changed his name (formerly known as Eddie Marashian) as an expression of his total commitment to his unique spiritual vision. "For me," he says, " MOTHER is the symbol of the force of creation and also the nurturing of creation into its fullest enlightenment." His work has been featured in Genre, More, Ms. Fitness, and Self.